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Till the Music Stops!

Directed by Emilie de Monsabert
Narrative Short
France | 23 min | 2022

Witness at her best friend’s wedding, Pauline hopes to enjoy this extraordinay day and to get closer to the handsome Raphael. But it will be hard for her to take her eyes off her disabled daughter Emma, whom she could not bring herself to let keep.

This is my fourth short film as a writer and producer, and my first as a director. I felt compelled to move into directing my own writing because I saw how intertwined the two arts are in film. In theatre, a world I spent many years in, the line between the two is much more defined. But in film, that synergy between word and image, between an angle chosen, and an emotion conveyed, between a look worth many words, and a word spoken at just the right moment, is continual and flowing. Additionally, the process of adapting one of my plays into film, though not the first time I have done this, was it’s own intriguing and expansive experience, having now donned a director’s hat. I also particularly like the short form – I love telling a whole story (with beginning, middle, end) in a shorter period of time.

Till the Music Stops! - Poster

Till the Music Stops! - Emilie de MonsabertEmilie de Monsabert

After being a TV journalist for many years, Emilie de Monsabert learnt directing at the Universidad del Cine of Buenos Aires. She directed two films there : Burn Out (Student Prize of the Poitiers Festival Film the work) and Burn baby burn, feature film adapted from the text of Carine Lacroix. Back in France, she joins the Screenwriting Workshop of La FEMIS and directs a short film, In the right direction (Directing Prize of the Nikon Film Festival – broadcasted on Canal+).
Till the music stops is her first produced short film.

Après avoir été journaliste TV pendant plusieurs années, Emilie de Monsabert a été formée à la réalisation à la Universidad del Cine de Buenos Aires. Elle y a réalisé deux films : Burn Out (Prix des lycéens du Festival Filmer le travail de Poitiers) et Burn baby burn, long-métrage adapté du texte de Carine Lacroix. De retour en France, elle intègre l’Atelier scénario de la FEMIS et réalise un court-métrage, Je suis à l’endroit (Prix de la mise en scène du Nikon Film Festival – diffusion Canal+).
En piste ! est son premier court-métrage produit

Film Information

Director:  Emilie de Monsabert
Country: France
Year: 2022
Language: French
Runtime: 23 min.
Rated:  PG


Writer:Emilie de Monsabert
Producer: Marthe Lamy, Jeanne Ezvan
Cinematography: Christophe Chauvin
Editor: Marylou Vergez

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