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To Father

Directed by Jaefeel Hwang
Narrative Short
Republic of Korea | 33 min | 2022

Kyung-ku, who had been raised by his stepfather, falls into debt and moves in with his biological father. But one day, he hears that his stepfather passed away as an unclaimed dead, so he goes to see him.

Korea’s modern society is rapidly changing with more remarried families, single-person households, and same-sex parented families, but they have not yet deviated from the concept of blood ties in legally classified families recognized by the state.
I believe that the concept of family should no longer be limited to blood ties but rather encompass the diversity of families that are newly changing in structure.

Committed to character and emotion, I sought to leave as much space as possible for the characters as I could create to allow these themes, and this small snippet of their lives, to be as rich and vibrant as possible.

To Father

To Father - Jaefeel HwagHwang JaeFeel

Born in 1985 in Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do, Director Hwang JaeFeel is active as a producer and actor. He has produced short films like “Clown,” “Dream Qualification,” and more.

Film Information

Director: Jaefeel Hwang
Country: Republic of Korea
Year: 2022
Language: Korean
Runtime: 33 min.
Rated:  PG


Writer: JaeFeel Hwang, Park Kyung-Kun, Park Kyung-Kun
Producer: JaeFeel Hwang
Cinematography: Park Kyung-Kun
Editor: Chang-Jae Won

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