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Directed by Marko Skakavaco
Documentary Feature
United States | 51 min | 2024

“Unspoken” is a poignant documentary featuring three courageous individuals who share their experiences growing up amidst the tumultuous Yugoslavian War. Through raw and emotional narratives, they vividly recount the challenges they faced and the impact of the conflict on their lives. As they trace their journeys to the present, the documentary not only delves into their personal experiences but also speak for the silent narratives of countless others affected by the war—capturing the unspoken pain and resilience that lingers in the shadows of history.

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SCREEN Magazine

“Tree of Life” is a whimsical short that gives nod to classic fables and fantasy stories. As the director, my focus was to maintain the integrity of the script and create a fun, magical world where Humans and Nymphs can co-exist. We utilized VFX to add a magical twist to the narrative, which enhanced the comedic elements of the film. We also worked closely with our talented cast to ensure that the dialogue flowed smoothly, allowing it to inform our camera movements and capture the essence and fun cadence of the story.

Ultimately, “Tree of Life” is a reminder that we all have a role to play in protecting our planet. By using humor and magic, we hope to inspire viewers to take action towards preserving our environment, while also providing them with a few laughs.

Unspoken Poster

Unspoken Marko SkakavacMarko Skakavac

During my junior year, I, Marko Skakavac, a Serbian kid with refugee roots, had a seemingly cool idea—creating “Unspoken,” a documentary about my heritage amid the Yugoslavian War. Yet, as I continued deeper, I realized it could be more than just my story. It became a platform to educate current and future generations about the unspoken aspects of war, reaching those whose parents choose silence and others unaware of the historical impact. “Unspoken” is my attempt to break the silence not just for those who lived through it but also for those who couldn’t live to witness the impact.

Film Information

Directors:  Marko Skakavac
Country: United States
Year: 2024
Language: English
Runtime: 51 min
Rated: PG-13


Editor: Marko Skakavac
Music: Artlist
Key Cast: Zoran Skakavac, Milos Komazec, Mirela Topic

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