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The Virgin Soldier

Directed by Erwan LeDuc

Short Narrative
France | 37 min | 2016

Two soldiers, Daniel and Jerome, flee a war that we don’t see and from which we know nothing. Jerome is badly injured, he will die, he says it, he knows it, he is afraid. Then Jérôme confesses to Daniel his last will: he does not want to die a virgin, he wants to die loved …

The Virgin Soldier - Erwan LeDucErwan LeDuc
Director,  Writer

Born in 1977, Erwan Le Duc directed three amateur short films in his teenage years. His studies in Political Sciences lead him towards other adventures, working for the French embassy in Yemen or the Ministry of Culture in Paris. In 2008, he joined the online edition of Le Monde as a journalist, and started in parallel a comeback to cinema. First as a scriptwriter, notably for the syrian director Meyar Al Roumi, then as a director with the short films “Superintendent Perdrix does not travel for nothing” (2012), « Never Ever (2014), Meow Meow Fur » (2015) and « The virgin soldier » (2016). He is currently writing a feature film while preparing the shooting of a second short film. And still works for Le Monde as the chief editor of the sports department.

The Virgin Soldier - Poster

Film Information

Director: Erwan LeDuc
Country: France
Year: 2016
Language: French
Runtime: 37 min
Rated: R


Producers: Erwan LeDuc
Executive Producer: Sébastien Haguenauer
Cinematographer/DP:  Nicolas Mesdom
Production Design: Charlotte Luneau

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