Wade Davis

RCAS 2017 Distinguished Explorer

15th Annual RCAS Distinguished Explorer Lecture & Award Presentation:
Friday April 21, 2017
Eaton Chapel, Beloit College

Sat Feb 25, 2017 – 12:00 pm | La Casa Grande

The Buddhist Science of the Mind

Directed by Wade Davis

Nepal | 50 min. | 2006

Buddhist Science of the Mind | Wade DavisThis is a film made for National Geographic in 2006 featuring explorer in residence Wade Davis as he takes a personal journey into Tibetan Buddhism.

The film is unusual in that it is not a ethnological report by an outsider as is usually the case, but the story of one man’s entry into religious experience.

The film was made as part of his seven part series The Light at the Edge of the World, which was about remote communities around the world.

The film is shot mainly in Nepal, and follows Davis’ journey to Thubten Choling to meet Trulshik Rinpoche, who was one of the main teachers of the Dalai Lama.

He also meets up with Matthieu Ricard, who comes apparently to help with the translations, and ends up as one of Davis’ best guides to the tradition.

From my point of view the film is a little naïve and gushing, and makes a too easy correlation between science and Buddhism, but it is still one of those films that is likely to remain with you.
~Anandajoti | Dharma Documentaries

Peoples of the Anaconda

Directed by Wade Davis

Columbia | 50 min. | 2009

Peoples of the Anaconda | Wade DavisNational Geographic ventures into the rain forest with Wade Davis for an up-close look at the Barasana river people, a group believed to be descendents of the legendary “lost” Amazonians.

Davis embarks on a symbolic journey that will honor the group’s ancestors and witnesses the rituals that demonstrate respect for this tropical landscape.

Wade Davis | Roy Chapman Andrews Society Distinguished ExplorerWade Davis

During explorations on five continents, Davis has introduced the wired world to some of the planet’s most isolated peoples and to the value of the fragile environments that sustain their existence. He has taken part in more than 80 expeditions since he began exploring in 1974.

Wade Davis | National Geographic Explorer - Ryan Hill

Film Information

Director: Wade Davis
Country: Nepal & Columbia
Year: 2006 & 2009
Language: English
Runtime: 50 min. each


Producer: National Geographic Television

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