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Directed by Ali Kalthami
Narrative Short
Saudi Arabia | 34 min | 2015

Wasati is based on true events that happened during a play in Riyadh 10 years ago. The play was called ‘Wasati bela Wastiah’ which roughly translates to ‘A Moderate Without a Middle-Ground,’ where a group of extremists attacked the theater and the play was shut down. That story shook the society and it was all over the news. The film addresses that event and retells the story from a different point of view.

Wasati - Ali Kalthami, DirectorAli Kalthami

Ali Alkalthami is a Saudi director, producer, content writer, and co-founder of C3Films and Telfaz11.

Ali’s career spans over 9 years of experience. His directing style is reflected with the dark comedy he provides and addresses. The socio cultural issues in the Gulf and Middle East region are targeted in a new way with a global yet local approach.

His career span did not stop on the internet shows, which he has directed such as “Khambalah, La Yekthar and appeared as an actor in Moghadarh TV short films”, .

“Suwailem Al Talga”, which was directed co-written by Ali Alkalthami, has been awarded with the Gold Awards in Dubai Lynx and Lorez Award Ceremony.

Kalthami took a big step in his career where he directed his movie “Wasati” in 2016. It premiered in Paramount Studios in Los Angeles.

Ali continues to be an influencer of his generation and new media, which has made him a point of advisory in the film making scene in Saudi Arabia.

Wasati Movie Poster - Ali Kalthami, Director

Film Information

Director: Ali Kalthami
Country: Saudi Arabia
Year: 2016
Language: Arabic, English Subtitles
Runtime:  34 min
Rated: PG


Producer: Mississippi Ibrahim
Executive Producer: Ahmed Alerwi, Alaa Yousef Faden
Music:  Sami Matar Moghazi
Cinematography / DP: Mohammad Abduljabbar, Ali Abdullah, Ali Alasmari, Sultan Alsalam, Fahad Alsuwayan, Amr Ammari, Fadi Fawzi, Abdulrahman Hamdi, Modar Al Hasan, Tariq Juwaidi
Editing: Turki Almohsen

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