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Wed  May 16, 2018 – 6:30 pm | Hendricks Center for the Arts
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Spring Shorts 2

What Lives Under the Bed

Directed by Joey Daniel
USA | 20 min | 2017

A timid young boy goes on the adventure of a lifetime after catching the monster that lives in his closet.

What Lives Under the Bed -Joey DanielIvan Sainz-Pardo
Director, Writer

Joey Daniel is a creative filmmaker who has won awards in both the narrative and commercial world.

His latest kid adventure short STIN STIN won the audience choice at the UFF Festival and won Best Short Film at the IOAM Festival.

He has written and directed commercials for companies like AT&T, Swanson, Lego, Hotwheels and Oral-B.

He recently graduated (Class of 2017) with an MFA from the Peter Stark Producing Program at the University of Southern California.

What Lives Under the Bed Poster

Film Information

Director: Joey Daniel
Country: USA
Year: 2017
Language:  English
Runtime:  20 min


Writers: Spencer Marentette
Producer: Laurence Zanelli
Cinematographer: Ante Cheng, Sebastian Schrils
Editor: Jonathan Petermann
Music: Jonathan Keith
Art  Direction: Octavio Llano

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