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Who Followed Us Home

Directed by John Gowan & Neil Gowan
Narrative Short
United States | 28 min | 2023

Mel, an eccentric hermit, is being followed to her remote home in the breathtaking Andean highlands. Her mysterious, naked, traumatized stalker bears the unmistakable scars of an autopsy and a coroner’s toe tag. One question looms over their strange coming together – what is to be his place in the world?

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SCREEN Magazine

“Tree of Life” is a whimsical short that gives nod to classic fables and fantasy stories. As the director, my focus was to maintain the integrity of the script and create a fun, magical world where Humans and Nymphs can co-exist. We utilized VFX to add a magical twist to the narrative, which enhanced the comedic elements of the film. We also worked closely with our talented cast to ensure that the dialogue flowed smoothly, allowing it to inform our camera movements and capture the essence and fun cadence of the story.

Ultimately, “Tree of Life” is a reminder that we all have a role to play in protecting our planet. By using humor and magic, we hope to inspire viewers to take action towards preserving our environment, while also providing them with a few laughs.

Who Followed Us Home - Poster

Who Followed Us Home - John GowanNeil Gowan

Neil graduated in digital cinema at John Brown University where he became the first (and only) student in the school’s history to successfully produce a feature-length film for his senior project.
He began his professional career at Big Idea Studios where he excelled in the editorial department, earning story editor credits on three VeggieTales episodes within two years.
Neil cut his teeth in the live-action world under the mentorship of highly successful documentarians including Barry Poltermann (American Movie, 1999). He has honed his craft of editing (doc, narrative, short, and long form) over the course of 13 years freelancing in the Milwaukee and Chicago markets.

Who Followed Us Home - Neil GowanJohn Gowan

John studied acting at Biola University, Cal State Sacramento, and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts West. He headed up the theater program at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California for five years before he and his wife Sharon switched gears and moved to Ecuador where John serves as a missionary specializing in TV and film production.
John has written and directed numerous projects including his own Spanish language adaptation of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Canción de Navidad premiered on Telemundo and various networks throughout Latin America.

Film Information

Director: John Gowan & Neil Gowan
Country:  United States
Year: 2023
Language: Spanish
Runtime: 28 min
Rated:  PG


Writer: John Gowan
Producers:  Neil Gowan, Tamy Torres
Cinematography: Alejo Chauvin
Editor: Neil Gowan
Music: Florian Seraul

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