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With You

Directed by Caroline Lindy &
Greta Titleman

Narrative Short
USA | 19 min | 2016

Sisters, Greta and Caroline, skip out on the reception of their mother’s funeral and spend the rest of the afternoon together. Determined to find distractions from their pain, they find their relationship tested by a narcissistic friend and an over bearing ex on the worst day of their lives.

With You - Caroline Lindy, Director

With You - Greta Titleman

Caroline Lindy, Co-Director

Caroline Lindy was born and raised in New York City and graduated from Kenyon College with a major in Drama.

She is based in Los Angeles and New York where she has cultivated a career in filmmaking, acting, and comedy.

Caroline is on the performance track at the Groundlings Theatre and writes and performs improv and sketch comedy in Los Angeles and nationally.

Greta Titelman, Co-Director

Greta Titelman is an actress and producer, known for Tevanik (2014), Moon Party (2016) and The Special Without Brett Davis (2015).

With You - Caroline Lindy, Director

Film Information

Directors: Caroline Lindy, Greta Titelman
Country: USA
Year: 2016
Language: English
Runtime: 19 min
Rated: PG


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BIFF | Beloit International Film Festival