FNB Classic Film | 2013

Filmmaker AttendingSunday:  2:30 pm –  Eclipse Center
Category: Feature
Country: USA
Language: English
Rating: PG-13
Naked Gun | Classic FilmRuntime: 85 min.
Director: David Zucker
Producer: Paramount Pictures

Film Director and Honorary Chair of BIFF 2013 David Zucker will be attending the screening for Q&A following the screening.

Plot Summary:

A re-run of many of the gags from the original TV series ‘Police Squad’. An Airplane type spoof, this time with the an incompetent lieutenant (Drebin) who always ‘gets his man’. Visual gags come thick and fast, and it’s impossible to catch them all with one viewing. The plot.. Queen Elizabeth II of England is coming to town, and Vincent Ludwig has plans to assassinate her using a brainwashed baseball player. Written by Rob Hartill

David Zucker | Honorary Chair - Beloit International Film Festival 2013

Lieutenant Frank Drebin is a clumsy police detective of Police Squad, a division of the Los Angeles Police Department. Frank returns home to L.A from a vacation in Beirut, when his partner and best friend, Detective Nordberg is gunned down in a undercover operation. Frank’s investigation into Nordberg’s attempted murder leads Frank to become suspicious of well-respected businessman Vincent Ludwig and discovers Vincent Ludwig plans to brainwash a baseball player with mind control device, and assassinate Queen Elizabeth who is visiting L.A. on her American tour. Written by Daniel Williamson

Police Squad’s own granite-jawed, rock-brained cop, Frank Drebin, bumbles across a mind-control scheme to assassinate Queen Elizabeth. Detective Nordberg, Jane Spencer, a stuffed beaver, two baseball teams an odd assortment of others joining the wacko goings-on. Written by Robert Lynch



The winners of BIFF + MUSIC will be announced at this event.

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