Rated: n/a
Director: Leena Manimekalai
Length: 45 min

Saturday: 2:30pm – Hendricks Art Center 1  Buy Tickets
Sunday: 2:30pm – Bagels & More  Buy Tickets


Note: One ticket is for both films

Part 1 of Double Feature Goddesses
Part 2 of Double Feature – Burning Memories

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Website: Goddesses the Film
The Indian film is one of the best documentaries seen in years. Director Leena Manimekalai may be an engineer by profession, but she has worked in the media and knows all about the creative aspects of digital filmmaking, production and editing.

This is no ordinary film. Filmed in HD in 2007, it runs for only 42 minutes and still jolts you, interests you and, above all, enlightens you on what women in India can achieve in spite of the bare minimum they have to live on.

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