Heavy Hands

Sat Feb 15, 2014   5:00 pm — Hendricks Center for the Arts  Tickets
Sun Feb 16, 2014 –  5:00 pm — My Apartment  Tickets

Community Partner:  Beloit Independent Theatre Experience

Heavy Hands
“What’s did, is did.” in this country crime caper.

Heavy HandsCategory: Drama, Crime
Country:  U.S.
Language:  English
Rating:  R
Runtime: 60 min.
Director:  Sean Williamson
Producer:  Sean Williamson, Kelly Cunningham, Parker Winship

Filmmaker Attending



“Heavy Hands” is a 60 minute film shot entirely on super 8 featuring performances by Kumar Pallana (The Royal Tennebaums, Rushmore, The Terminal), Mark Borchardt (Cabin Fever 2, American Movie) and Frankie Latina (Modus Operandi). This country crime caper follows anti-hero Jimmy Lee as he deals with the repercussions of a dangerous and selfish act. Set in a cold Midwestern climate, Heavy Hands takes the audience through a landscape of ax wielding heavies, suicidal mailmen, and beauties of all kinds. “Heavy Hands” features music by Jaill (Sub Pop), Altos, and Hello Death.

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