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It’s more than just a place

Category:  Drama, Independent
Country:  U.S.
Language:  English
Rating:  PG-13
Runtime:  113 min.
Director:  Jono Oliver
Producer:  Daniela Barbosa, Ged Dickersin, Jono Oliver




Home is the story of a man, recovering from mental illness, who tries to rebuild his life and reconnect with his estranged son by moving out of the group home where he resides and into an apartment of his own.

We first meet 33 year-old Jack Hall in the midst of an exciting transitional period. Diagnosed with mental illness at the age of 19, he’s had some rough times over the years. But, after having gone through dozens of arrests and hospitalizations, he’s brought himself to a point where he has a steady job, a stable place to live, has achieved a high level of recovery in his illness, and is ready to move on.

At the opening of the story, Jack is just two weeks away from moving out of his group home and into his own apartment. But Jack’s plan soon hits serious obstacles: the rent for his new apartment is suddenly raised to be more than he can afford, and he finds himself faced with a common problem: not enough money. Not being confident in his ability to find another apartment quickly, he decides to do whatever he can to get the money he needs. We soon learn that Jack has a dangerous past, one that he had left years ago, but that he is willing to return to if it will help him achieve his goal.

Jack interacts with many people during his journey. From the group home nurse who helps him, to the psychiatrist who dozen’t really think him ready to leave; to a friend on the street, a hustler to whom Jack turns for advice; to the bad guys from his past; to an eclectic and wonderful group of fellow residents, Jack is certainly not alone in his struggle.

There are also people in Jack’s life who inform us greatly as to the real source of Jack’s determination. Jack has a family; a son named John and an ex-wife named Laura, to whom Jack has something very important to prove. Jack’s attempt to live on his own is a form of redemption. After living through a troubled past that affected them all in some very devastating ways, he now wants to show his son and ex-wife that he has changed, that he is better, and that he is able; to be independent, strong, and a good father. Home ultimately deals with themes that are ubiquitous to us all: it’s a love story; a redemption story; and a story about a father and his son.

What would be a simple goal for most of us is no less than life or death for Jack. However he can, by whatever means necessary, Jack needs, more than anything, to find his home.

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