Hot Guys With Guns

Fri Feb 21, 2014 –  7:30 pm — Club Impulse
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Hot Guys with Guns

Hot Guys with Guns movie poster
Category:  Comedy, Adult Drama
Country:  U.S.
Language:  English
Rating:  MA
Runtime:  105 min.
Director:  Doug Spearman
Producer:  Doug Spearman, Joel Heisey




Danny Lohman is an actor on a quest. He wants a job, desperately, on a Crime And Punishment. His favorite show is going to re-cast the lead, a salty, renegade of a private investigator. Danny, being the good method actor that he is will do whatever it takes to prepare for his big break. Including taking a night class at Santa Monica Junior College in becoming a Private Investigator.

The funny thing is, Danny’s actually good at it. His teacher, a former PI himself, who’s been around and seen it all, Jimmy Peppicelli is deeply disappointed that his best student is only busting his ass to make it on the small screen.

Danny’s PI homework includes spying on his recently ex-boyfriend, Pip Armstrong. Pip is a beautiful, popular party boy born and reared in Beverly Hills. Currently Pip is living in the pool house on his mother’s estate.

And that’s exactly where his mother, Patricia Armstrong Van Allen wants him. Where she can keep an eye on her only chic and keep him away from Danny. After all, it’s she who holds the strings to the family trusts, and with a few well-meaning words broke Danny and Pip up.

Pip and Danny stumble quite literally into an opportunity to show off Danny’s detective skills when Pip finds himself the victim of a robbery. One neither he, nor any of the other men who were robbed can report. See, someone’s come up with an ingenious plan to rip off A-list sex parties in and around Hollywood. Careers, marriages, contracts, and reputations would disappear like the mist over the Pacific if any one opened their mouths.

Pip looses his father’s antique Rolex and pleads with Danny to help him get it back. Reluctantly the two team up and discover that it’s more than a watch they’re going after.

Under Jimmy’s tutelage in the finer points of pointing a gun, talking to informers, and out-running the cops and the bad guys, Danny and Pip actually come out on top. After all, they’re Hot Guys With Guns.

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