Living River - The Ganges

Living River: The Ganges

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Genre: Adventure
Country: India, USA
Rating: G
Runtime:  59 minutes
Director: Vinit Parmar
Producer: Vinit Parmar

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Living River is a groundbreaking and up-close look at the pollution that’s been an ecological scourge troubling the revered Ganges River in India.

The film delivers as yet an unexplored and authentic view of the river and the people struggling to compel change. With unprecedented access, the film brings to light an age-old industry of leather production in transition, bringing in USD$4 Billion to the Indian economy at a cost of degradation of the environment and the health of the residents. Does the end justify the means? This film illustrates the irony of Hindus profiting from the skin of “holy” cows while polluting the “sacred” Ganges River.

The exposed water pollution in India is a red flag for fresh water rivers around the world suffering from endemic problems of improper and inadequate treatment plants, illegal activities by chemical industries along riverbanks, improper oversight and weak implementation of government regulatory agencies, corruption, and lack of public awareness.


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