Man Behind the Throne / Der Untermensch

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(Der Untermensch – short film preceding feature, see detail below)

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The Man Behind the Throne
Defining the moves of Michael Jackson, Madonna and Lars Von Trier

The Man Behind the Throne
Category:  Dance / Culture
Country:  Sweden
Language:  English
Rating:  PG
Runtime:  58 min.
Director:  Kersti Grunditz
Producer:  Anita Oxburgh




Vincent Paterson went from poor kid who knew how to cha-cha, to star choreographer in Hollywood. His career is a journey through twenty years of pop-culture. The story is told through clips from his work with Madonna, Michael Jackson, Bjork/Dancer in the Dark, through his personal rehearsal footage dating back from Smooth Criminal, his very witty and revealing email journals and super-8 footage from his childhood. He lets the camera into his private life among friends, family and people who work with him.

We follow Vincent?s work on a Cirque du Soleil show Viva Elvis!. In sweaty rehearsal scenes and quiet work alone in a studio, we see his tough work ethics, his humor and the artistic integrity that has shaped his career. In Las Vegas the high financial stakes make the executives nervous and we meet Vincent?s disappointment when the producers take over after threes years of work on what was to be his great finale. In the film there is an ongoing conversation with Vincent about creativity and maintaining the focus on the work behind all the glory, the politics of entertainment and his conscious choice to avoid publicity. About the ups and downs of the career to the point of him loosing perspective and staring down the barrel of a gun when the phones stopped ringing. It is an intimate portrait of a charming, intelligent and sane Hollywood work horse. A man unknown to most people with a body of work seen by millions.

Der Untermensch

(short film to be screen before feature film)
Der UntermenschCategory:  Social Issue, Dance
Country:  Canada
Language:  English
Rating:  PG-13
Runtime:  10 min.
Director:  Kays Mejri
Producer:  Simon Vermeulen




“Der Untermensch” depicts the treatment of homosexuals in concentration camps during the Second World War, through contemporary movement. The dancer portrays the work, growth and rebirth of those incarcerated souls by embodying a gay Aryan during the Nazi reign.


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