Man of Deeds

Man of Deeds
Winner – Best Documentary

Man of Deeds
The BIFF 2012 Best Documentary AWARD
Friday: 7:30 pm – Woman’s Club Buy Tickets
Saturday: 2:30 pm Domenico’sBuy Tickets
Saturday: 2:30 pm – Nikki’s CafeBuy Tickets
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Genre: Documentary
Country: France, USA
Rating: G
Runtime: 51 minutes
Director: Craig Schaefer
Producer: Ted Rosean

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Born into the chaos of the French Revolution, Mathias Loras would come to develop a vision for a state of spirituality in the New World that few dare dream. Brought up in an elegant, bourgeois family he would eventually become a missionary assigned to a remote outpost in the frontier territory of Iowa. There he would sew the seeds of the church to rough miners and farmers, while battling the unending hardships of life on edge of civilization.


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