Mary & Bill

Rated: G
Director: Andrew Napier        Producer:Andrew Napier & Jesse Musky-Fuller
Length: 50 min
Documentary | Biography | Comedy

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Many people grow up idolizing the young college and professional athletes. The television figures that make slam dunks, hit home runs, and win the Tour de France 7 times. They are incredible individuals, but filmmaker Andrew Napier presents to you a documentary that will truly inspire people of all ages.

Mary and Bill is a feature length film focusing on Mary Stroebe and Bill Wambach. Mary is a 90-year-old triathlete and Bill an 83-year-old high jumper who holds the National record in his age bracket. Bill was also named “Male Athlete of the Year” by the National Congress of State Games. Mary has appeared on the Regis and Kelly Show and later returned to receive the Relly award. The film follows Mary and Bill immediately after health related obstacles. Mary had just broken her leg while down hill skiing and Bill, who recently quite smoking, is recovering from a heart attack. Despite these physical ailments, both decide to train and compete in their respective events. Mary, hoping to complete the Lifetime Fitness triathlon, and Bill shooting to win the National Senior Olympics. Through their amazing commitment, both Mary and Bill prove that age is just a number.

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