My Dinner with AJ

Rated: PG13
Director: David Walker            Producer: C.K. Lichenstein II
Length: 86
Comedy | Drama

Friday: 7:30pm – Bagels & More  Buy Tickets

Saturday: 12:00pm – Rotary River Center  Buy Tickets

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David and A.J. have not seen each other in over ten years. David is a bitter and cynical writer who struggled to make a name for himself as a filmmaker. A.J. was a promising actor who traded in his dreams of stardom for fatherhood. Once close friends, they have grown apart, each having taken a very different path with their life. Reunited over dinner, A.J. and David begin to reveal personal truths about their experiences that will put their friendship to the test. Written and produced by stars A Wone and David F. Walker, and inspired by the works of Charles Burnett, John Cassavettes and Louis Malle, My Dinner with A.J. is an irreverent and intimate look at a friendship ravaged by time.

UPDATE: Filmmaker will be showing a short 3 min. film from Caldoni BEFORE My Dinner with AJ.



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