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NormalCategory: Comedy, Drama
Country:  U.S.
Language:  English
Rating:  R
Runtime:  76 min.
Director:  Nicholas Richards
Producer:  Nicholas Richards, Ben Mollin, Frank Brummett

Filmmaker Attending



Phin (Geno Rathbone), stuck in a gorilla costume, must raise $3000 after his neighbor holds Phin’s car for ransom. Phin’s friend Steven (Mike Pusateri) contracts him to accompany a stranger, Mr. E (Rocky Russell), to Normal, IL in order to deliver a mysterious package.

The day spirals out of control after their transportation breaks down, only to be picked up by the two ‘shysters’ Bruce (Neil Kubath) and Taylor (Emmi Chen). But when the delivery leaves Phin in an unexpected predicament with his new acquaintance Grace (Erin Breen), he begins to question his attachment to his hostage car and the rut that his life is in.

NOTE:  Synopsis are typically provided directly by the filmmaker themselves. Often English is not their first language. We ask reader’s understanding for less-than-perfect language and grammar