Scientists Under Attack – Genetic Engineering in the Magnetic Field of Money

Scientists Under Attack - Genetic Engineering in the Magmetic Field of MoneyRated: G
Director: Bertram Verhaag         Producer: Claus Stigel
Length: 88 min
Germany, USA

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Billed as “a political thriller on GMOs and freedom of speech”, this film by the German film-maker Bertram Verhaag tells the stories of two scientists, Dr Arpad Pusztai and Dr Ignacio Chapela, whose research showed negative findings on GM foods and crops. Both suffered the fate of those who challenge the powerful vested interests that dominate agribusiness and scientific research. They were vilified and intimidated, attempts were made to suppress and discredit their research, and their careers were derailed.

Pusztai found that the internal organs of rats fed GM insecticidal potatoes either increased in size or did not develop properly compared with controls. His experiments turned up no less than 36 significant differences between GM-fed and non-GM-fed animals. Pusztai, encouraged by his research institute, gave a 150-second interview on British TV in which he summarised his findings and said it was unfair to use our fellow citizens as guinea pigs for GM foods.


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