Siberia. Monamour

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Siberie Monamour
God has forgotten, but they did not forget God
Siberie Monamour poster

Category: Drama
Country: Russian Federation
Language:  English Subtitled
Rating: R
Runtime: 102 min.
Director: Slava Ross
Producer: Slava Ross, Pavel Skurikhin, Igor Chekalin, Vadim Zhuk




Siberia. Late autumn. In taiga, in the deserted village there lives an old man Ivan and his seven-year-old grandson Leshia. They wait for the boy’s father, who left two years ago and has not returned yet. The Old Believer Ivan often prays to the only icon in the house and makes the boy pray too.

A pack of feral dogs devours everything alive in the neighborhood. One of these dogs is Leshia’s best friend – and that causes his rows with the old man.

Sometimes their distant relative – uncle Yuri – brings some food to them. Once on his way back from Ivan’s village uncle Yuri is attacked by dogs & perish. Ivan and Leshia don’t have supply any more.

In the village there appear marauders, seeking icons. They beat the old man heavily and take away his icon.

Leshia cares for his grandfather; he crayons a picture with yellow God & prays for Ivan’s life.
The dogs savage their goat, all food is over, and Ivan starts hunting the dogs. Once Leshia witnesses Ivan shooting at “his” dog and runs away. The old man finds the boy in a dry well, but he fails to get him out on his own.

Ivan sets out through taiga in search of help.
Now the dogs are hunting him…
And the boy is waiting for his father…

NOTE:  Synopsis are typically provided directly by the filmmaker themselves. Often English is not their first language. We ask reader’s understanding for less-than-perfect language and grammar