Rated: PG
Director: Rob Kirbyson
Executive Producers:Tina Segel, Diane Hendricks, Bill O’Kane and Ray Liotta
Producers: David Segel, Stephen McEveety and John Shepherd
Length: 96 min                Family
Thursday: 7:30 pm – Beloit Library  Buy Tickets SOLD OUT

Saturday: 2:30 pmBushel & Peck’s  Buy Tickets SOLD OUT

Sunday: 2:30 pm Rotary River Center Buy Tickets SOLD OUT

Sunday: 5:00 pmBushel & Peck’s  Buy Tickets SOLD OUT

Sunday: 5:00 pm Rotary River Center Buy Tickets JUST OPENED — ADDITIONAL SCREENING

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A gruesome discovery in the snow catapults three small-town boys into the spotlight. But when their instant celebrity fades, the outcasts hatch a scheme to set a Guinness World Record, insuring their names will never be forgotten. Through a comedic series of stunts that eventually threaten their very lives, the trio conquers schoolyard bullies, unites their community and discovers that while fame may be fleeting – true friendship lasts forever.

Neighborhood & Community Support for BIFF

In support of BIFF and a tip of the Stove Pipe Hat the Beloit neighbors and friends of the historic districts (The Beloit NPA – Neighborhood Preservation Assn.) with the support of the broader community came together to build a little snowman of their own.

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