By Natasha Bakri
Increscent Writer – Beloit Memorial High School

The twelfth Beloit International Film Festival (BIFF), known for hosting multiple films from different genres and offering something for everyone from far and near, is also developing a reputation as the picture perfect event for mothers and daughters to attend together. It has become a tradition for a mother-daughter quality time, according to Festival staff and attendees.

Cindy Mooney and her 28 year-old daughter, Kristi, are attending BIFF for the second year. “It’s just a wonderful thing for Beloit,” Mooney said. In addition, Mooney said, her daughter is currently a nurse at UW-Madison and BIFF offers a great way for them to spend time together. She said especially now that she is retired, it has become less tricky to find a suitable time. Mooney, who said she is a long time movie lover, recalled that she suggested the idea of attending to her daughter who, according to her mother, “really likes it.”

Stressing that she believes the festival is very important for a city like Beloit, Mooney said, “It puts Beloit on the map.” Mooney mentioned that Beloit has really attractive places for socializing or grabbing a bite before or after watching a film, to sit with her daughter and talk. A widow, Mooney said spending time with her daughter is very important, and added that her daughter is “very fun to be around.”

For this year, Mooney said, she and her daughter selected the a full twelve movies they were interested in and then chose the finalists together last Friday. “We sat down and watched the trailers,” she said, referring to the previews. “Then we checked what works for my daughter’s schedule and picked them,” she said. Mentioning a love for documentaries, and saying this genre provides viewers with new information, Mooney said she they’ll be taking in six this year at BIFF.

When asked whether she prefers movie theaters or film festivals, Mooney said film festivals are more appealing. “It’s a different group, more fun”, she said, “It’s a totally different atmosphere.”

Mooney said her favorite feature of BIFF is the presence of film producers. She recalled a film she watched last year during BIFF, a documentary, and mentioned it was “unbelievable” how the producer of the film was there after the show to answer any questions.

For the future, Mooney said she is considering volunteering at the festival and recommends friends and family to stop by and enjoy their time there. She also said she and her daughter definitely want to make their attendance together “a tradition,” and hopes many others will follow their lead.

Mooney Girls Night Out pics for BIFF 2018

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