Street Pulse

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Street Pulse
A Story of Hope and  the Homeless

Street PulseCategory:  Documentary, Urban
Country:  U.S.
Language:  English
Rating:  PG
Runtime:  68 min.
Director:  Marc Kornblatt
Producer:  Marc Kornblatt

Filmmaker Attending



Robert and Angel, a homeless couple, are trying to make a normal life for themselves. When we first meet them, they are living under a bridge and biking four miles every day to downtown Madison, Wisconsin where they sell Street Pulse, a newspaper about people such as themselves.

The two met on the street just months after Robert’s release from prison. Now 51, Robert served 26 years for a terrible crime. Angel, 22, diagnosed as bi-polar, was kicked out of her family’s home for repeated bouts of binge drinking. Separated in age by nearly 30 years, they are as unlikely a couple as one might meet, yet they are not only devoted to each other, they are gradually working their way off the street, through hard work and support of a network of volunteers and social services providers.

Street Pulse, the documentary, chronicles Robert and Angel’s life together from the balmy days of summer through the harsh Wisconsin winter. Along the way, we meet other homeless newspaper vendors whose struggles and small successes bring to life the world of a group of people often ignored while trying to survive on the margins of society.

Songs composed and performed by street musicians create a soundtrack that provides another layer of authenticity to this documentary and helps tell the story of the people featured in the film.


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