The Canned Film Competition – Official Rules

Canned Film Competition - Beloit WI(and other tidbits you may find helpful.)

The following guidelines govern submissions for 2011’s Canned Film Competition scheduled for Kick Off January 28th at the Beloit Inn in Beloit WI. Please read these guidelines carefully and follow all directions for submission.


The Canned Film Competition officially begins at 7 PM Friday January 28th in the lobby of The Beloit Inn Beloit Wisconsin and concludes at 9 PM Sunday January 30th in the same location – with the lobby of the Beloit Inn being the official drop off location.

  • Film must be completed within 50 hours – from 7pm Friday night (January 28,
  • 2011) till 9pm Sunday night (January 30, 2011).
  • All entries must be received in person at the Beloit INN by 9 PM January 30th.
  • Film Entrees must be submitted on a DVD.
  • Films must be a maximum of 7 minutes in length, or under.
  • Film genre will be picked live at Kickoff.

“The Can” is an element that creates continuity for the Canned Film Competition, but is not an intended prop or element to drive your film’s story or suggest your film end up being about opening “The Can.” How you use this competition’s element is your creative choice and discretion, albeit “The Can” must be opened and contents revealed in any part of your film. This concept is designed to help create a fun, unique moment in your film but not drive the story line, but it can.

Judges have the right to disqualify any films in which “The Can” has appeared to be opened prior to the original take. This concept will make a great organic moment in your film – don’t cheat and open “The Can” off-film, as this action may disqualify your film from the competition.

Panel of judges will determine winners based on the following:

  • Most Creative Film
  • Best use of can and content

Entry fee is $50.00 per filmmaking team – due at time of registration. Accepted forms of payment are Check or Money Order (made to Get REEL) or cash.

There are no limits as to the size of the team.

All approved films will be shown at Beloit International Film Festival’s Launch and Laurels party at the Eclipse Center on February 17 in Beloit as part of BIFF. Films will also be included during the general screenings throughout the Festival.

Filmmakers and their teams will receive tickets to attend the Launch and Laurels party on February 17. Additional tickets will be priced based on BIFF screenings ticket prices.

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