The “International” in BIFF

While there is no I in “Team” there is in fact an I in BIFF.

BIFF is an “International” film festival. While we encourage and feature local/regional filmmakers, part of our mission is to bring together the very best work that we can gather from filmmakers around the globe. Importantly, we also want to welcome all communities to come and enjoy the films and events at BIFF.

This year we have a number of exceptional films from Filmmakers in Spain in particular. As such we’re making a special invitation to the Spanish speaking community within the region to come and join our community of film enthusiasts for BIFF.

So, the Latino Service Providers Coalition of Rock County is helping us to spread the word and the welcome. Thank you!

Latino Service Providers Coalition for Rock County

Short Slot #5:

Among the eight short films in this series are…

  • Lastrain – Spain
  • Qua – Spain
  • Manual Practico del Amigo Imaginario (Imaginary Friend Practical Manual)- Spain

Shot Slot #10

Among the six short films in this series are…

  • Fuera de Lugar (Out of Place) – Spain
  • La Cinta (The Tape) – Spain
  • Cupid’s Arrow – Spain

Short Slot #11

Among the ten short films in this series are…

  • El Rayo y La Sirena (Thunderbolt and the Mermaid) – Spain
  • Jesusito de mi Vida (Dear Child Jesus) – Spain