Triple Feature 1

Thursday:  10:00 pm – Cheese People/ Nikki’s Café
Friday: 6:30 pm – Katie’s Cup
Sunday: 5:00 pm – Bagels & More

Filmmaker AttendingSudden Nature

Category: Short Film
Country: Singapore
Rating: PG-17
Runtime: 20
Director: Isaac Kerlow
Producer: Isaac Kerlow
Website:  Sudden Nature

The storyline alternates between the real world of a young couple and the allegorical abstract world of Man and Nature. The narrative starts as the young couple prepares to meet at a picnic in the park later that day. Through a series of flashback we are transported to an imaginary world where the young characters personify Man and Nature. They are happy and playful, but Nature occasionally tricks Man. Man tries to understand Nature by measuring her but his approach is not always successful. The harmony between them disappears when Man is unkind to Nature. Nature strikes back and destruction unravels. The young man and woman drift apart.


Category: Short Film
Country: Spain
Rating: G
Runtime: 27
Director: Sergio SanMartin
Producer: Paranoix Entertainment

TXIKI is a documentary piece structured around artist Txiki Medina (1958) and focused on the creative process of an oil painting. In order to put together his peculiar geometry, the artist takes inspiration from urban spaces and spoilt aspects of Nature, places filled with elements which, rather than sought, have been encountered. There is also a drive towards introspection, towards revealing the human interior where silence plays a key role. The trace that the passing of time leaves on each image. Painting as a metaphor of the velocity of time.


Pauline Etienne | Francoise Bouillon-PommerolleCategory: Short Film
Country: France
Rating: PG
Runtime: 37
Co-Director: Anne Gilles
Producer: Francoise Bouillon-Pommerolle

Friendship is an art of loving.
Pauline and her best friend Etienne don’t fit anywhere, and are regularly lost. But they go good together and always can find a way. Today they are going to paint a large canvas for Cedric and cannot find the studio. Etienne has got no sense of direction. Pauline cannot admit that she has fallen deeply in love with Cedric.