Mine is Mine | Kyle Bowe

Triple Feature 4

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Mine is Mine

Mine is Mine | Kyle BoweCategory: Short Film
Country: U S A
Language: English
Rating: R
Runtime: 20
Director: Kyle Bowe
Producer: Chris Smair

Phil is his usual contentious self at his best friend’s birthday party. His friends are moving on in their lives, but he is opposed to growing up in any sort of way. Instead, he takes a drastic step. He clones himself. Now, Phil has the perfect friend that will not judge his pessimistic outlook. Together they share an identical self pity. That is until the clone has his own experiences and makes changes for the positive. Phil is now forced to confront an idealized version of himself and question if change is necessary.

Why Do Hyenas Laugh

¿De qué se ríen las hienas?

Category: Short Film
Country: Spain
Language: English subtitles
Rating: R
Runtime: 25
Director: Javier Veiga
Producer: IB Cinema S.L. & Impar Proucciones S.L.

This could be the typical story of Boy meets Girl. But the Boy and the Girl are fast approaching an age at which they are besieged by an existential question: Why Do Hyenas Laugh?

Empty Nest

Category: Short Film
Country: Spain,Venezuela
Language: English
Rating: MA
Runtime: 25
Director: Francisco Lupini-Basagoiti
Producer: Francisco Lupini-Basagoiti
Facebook:  Empty Nest

Montse is a single mother and acclaimed sex therapist. The epitome of the modern woman: independent, ambitious, free spirited… and a workaholic. However, since Montse has devoted her life to helping her clients with their sexual and psychological issues, she’s ironically neglected the person who needs her the most, her son Andres.

One day, a patient named Lucia confronts Montse with an issue: Lucia’s life has changed now that her son left to study abroad in college. Lucia claims to have the Empty-Nest Syndrome, meaning her life seems empty now that her son is not home anymore. “Her home is like a nest with no eggs.” Montse is unable to understand this situation and blames Lucia’s depression on lack of sexual intercourse with her husband. For Montse, children are no more than the extra weight a mother must bear in order to become a true and complete woman – nothing more.

When Montse returns home, she has but a moment to herself before Andres suddenly storms out of the house in a fit of anger. According to Ramona, their sharp-tongued gossip of a maid, Andres has been fighting with his girlfriend, and left the house with loud music blasting form the computer. When Montse breaks into Andres’ room to stop the music, she accidentally sees a set of explicit pictures. The images are those of a man exactly like her son, except butt-naked from the neck down. The extra skin doesn’t bother Montse, but what shocks her is the fact that this man has mammoth attributes. Never in her whole life has she seen that big of a member! Could her son possess such features without telling his sex therapist of a mother? “Well of course he has issues with his girlfriend,” she realizes, and becomes determined to help her son as one of her patients and possibly rekindle their faded relationship.

With this new-found objective, and the awkward, tragic revelations it brings in the end, Montse will come to terms with the fact that she too has Empty-Nest Syndrome. However, instead of the son fleeing the nest, Montse realizes the nest is empty because it’s been missing a mother. And from now on she will try to be there as much as possible for her son, if he lets her.

The Empty Nest is a family comedy with dark undertones. The main themes to explore are the relationship between mother and son, social roles in the family, queerness and traditions.