…und Exitus

Friday: 4:00 pm – Eclipse Center
Saturday: 1:30 pm  –  Wilson Theater
Sunday:  2:30 pm  –  La Casa Grande

Und ExitusCategory: Feature
Country: Germany
Language: English subtitles
Rating: R
Runtime: 82 min.
Director: Oliver Ziegler
Producer: Oliver Ziegler
Website: Und Exitus
  Und Exitus

Werner Lenz is 29 years old, a student of theology. But after his girlfriends death he’s lost his faith and his will to live. So one day in summer, after another hard night and thus suffering a severe hangover once again, he decides to kill himself in his small attic room…

But the moment he arrives at that decision, two persons appear seemingly out of nowhere. Turns out that one of them is Death himself, wearing a shabby clowns costume. The other guy, a melancholic highbrow in his mid fifties, claims to be the author of the present story about Werner.

And while death seems to be in a hurry and just wants to get Werner’s suicide done, the author tries to disabuse the young student of his terrible intention.

After an inconclusive dissension between the intruders, witnessed by a still wrecked and therefore fairly passive Werner, they strike a compromise: Werner shall accompany the clown. They shall travel to Death’s places of work so that Werner gets to know the real misery of this world. After that experience Werner shall make his choice…

And so the three of them start a journey that goes past civil wars, ecological calamities, hospitals, and car accidents.