Virtual JFK

Virtual JFKRated: PG
Director: Koji Masutani Producer: Koji Masutani
Length: 80 min

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Saturday: 2:30pm – Beloit Library  Buy Tickets

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In the era of nuclear confrontation, John F. Kennedy attempted to prevent war six times during his short tenure as president. He didn’t live to face a seventh. Virtual JFK: Vietnam If Kennedy Had Lived takes up one of America’s controversial “what if” scenarios, examining that question: Would the U.S. have escalated the war in Vietnam if Kennedy was not assassinated in 1963?

With insight and erudition, the film traces JFK presidency a 1,000-day term plagued with tense political stand-offs through rare and previously-unseen archival footage, offering nuanced accounts of the former president political decisions and, by extension, his probable response to the escalating conflict in Vietnam. Featuring unprecedented access into the leadership style of one of the nations most important leaders, Virtual JFK sheds new light on the man who helped avoid war in six crises and did not live to save America from the devastating war in Vietnam.

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