America’s Darling

Filmmaker Attending

The Story of Jay N. Ding Darling

Friday:  11:00 am  –  Wilson Theater
Saturday: 11:00 am   –  Rotary Center

America's Darling | Ding DarlingCategory: Documentary
Country: USA
Language: English
Producer:  Samuel Koltinsky – Marvo Entertainment Group
Website:  Marvo Entertainment Group
Facebook:  America’s Darling
Website:  “Ding” Darling Wildlife Society 

America’s Darling Cartoonist, Politician and Conservationist: The true story of how a nationally-known cartoonist changed America by influencing her Presidents, shaping her landscapes and winning the hearts of her people.

“Never before has a film documented the life of Jay Darling, and there has never been a better time to do it than now. “America’s Darling” profiles Jay’s extraordinary life and gives audiences a sense of hope and inspiration by demonstrating how one person really can make a difference. Kip Koss, Darling’s oldest living relative, believes this film also illustrates that his grandfather’s wisdom is just as relevant today as it was nearly a century ago.

Executive Producer Sam Koltinsky and Marvo Entertainment Group LLC delivers an amazing and uplifting film that recognizes how Darling’s contributions shaped America. With a modest budget, Koltinsky created this one-hour documentary that includes everything from Darling getting kicked out of college – twice, to winning the Pulitzer Prize – twice.”
~WOW, Wonder of Words Festival

Local Connection & Exhibition

A member of the Beloit College Class of 1899 and two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize for political cartoons for the Des Moines Register and the New York Herald Tribune, is the focus of a new documentary, “America’s Darling,” which will receive its festival premiere at Beloit. The film will be accompanied by an exhibition of Darling’s original artwork and a showing of artifacts relating to his student years at Beloit at the Beloit College Library.