ENCORE: The Best of the 10 Years of BIFF

Where do BIFF films go once the festival mayhem dies down and we all go back to our small town, Midwestern lives? Well…I’m sure some disappear into the black hole of indie film obscurity while their makers go bankrupt and quite possibly meet THEIR makers. It’s an unforgiving industry known for eating its own! (Ok…that description might’ve been a little unrealistic and harsh). But…the films and filmmakers we are celebrating in this ENCORE series did not meet that woeful “finis.” In fact, many have gone on to flourish in the festival circuit, receiving more awards and more critical accolades. Some have been pursued, and even caught, by distribution companies and have gone on to screen nationally and internationally and actually make MONEY!!

The 2015 ENCORE series films are some of the finest ever shown on BIFF screens over the last 10 years. And when asked to share their work with us one more time, every one of these talented filmmakers gladly gave us their blessing, accompanied by a very welcome, “And no charge, sir!” Pretty classy, right?!? Maybe it has something to do with the way the Beloit community embraces its visiting alums. Or maybe Beloit is just a magnet for some of the finest humans on the face of the earth! Anyway, THANK YOU, BIFF ALUMS for this opportunity to enjoy your outstanding cinematic artwork…again!!

BIFF - Beloit International Film Festival
BIFF | Beloit International Film Festival