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Film Name & LinkFestival CategoryGenreRatingFilmmaker Attending
3 Miles EastDoc Shorts | WI/ILDocumentary, BiographyGYes
45RPM FeatureComedy, DarkPG
50 Year Old FreshmanEncoreDocumentary, BiographyGYes
A LifestoryFamily ShortsAnimation, AnimalsG
Adiel and DidierComedy Shorts 1RomancePG-13
Alley CatFeature | WI/ILDrama, ActionN/AYes
AmbitionSci-Fi ShortsMystery, HistoryN/A
Amira & SamFeatureDrama, ComedyR
An Evening at Angelo'sWI/IL Shorts 4DocumentaryPG-13Yes
Animation Hotline 2013Animation ShortComedy, BiographyPG
Anxious Oswald GreeneComedy Shorts 2FantasyPG
Art of DarknessDocumentaryBiography, ArtRYes
Artois The GoatEncoreComedy, RomanticPG-13Yes
As it used to beSci-Fi ShortsDrama, ComedyG
Away From HeavenGrab Bag ShortsMystery, BiographyR
Back Issues: The Hustler Magazine StoryDocumentaryDrama, EroticMA OnlyYes
Bad ServiceComedy Shorts 2ThrillerPG-13Yes
BalloonsWI/IL Shorts 1Comedy, FamilyGYes
Becoming BulletproofDocumentary | WI/ILWesternGYes
Before YouWI/IL Shorts 1DocumentaryG
Berlin TroikaWorld ShortsComedy, ThrillerPG-13
Between Land and SeaDoc ShortsDrama, NatureG
Between TimesAnimation ShortDrama, ComedyG
BFEFeatureDrama, Dark ComedyR
Bible QuizDocumentary | WI/ILFamilyG
Bingo Night!WI/IL Shorts 1Comedy, ActionPG-13
Border PatrolComedy Shorts 2Comedy, CrimeR
Break a LegWI/IL Shorts 4ComedyPG-13Yes
Breakfast In ParisAnimation ShortComedyG
BreatheWI/IL Shorts 3Drama, SurrealPGYes
Brunch on the Fourth of JulyGrab Bag ShortsDrama, ComedyR
Bus RideWI/IL Shorts 1Drama, Family GYes
Business As Ususal - The ProphetWorld ShortsDrama, EducationalPG
Butterfly FlutteringExp ShortsDrama, RomanceR
ButterScotch: A Film NoirShort B4 FeatureDrama, MysteryR
Cafeteria ManEncoreDocumentary, BiographyG
Carnival of the Animals WI/IL Shorts 2DocumentaryGYes
CatalystFeatureDrama, FamilyN/AYes
ChannelingEncoreDrama, Sci-FiRYes
Child World ShortsDrama, HistoryPG
Children of the RiverRomance ShortsDramaPGYes
Children of the SunFeatureDrama, ThrillerR
ChrysalisFeature | WI/ILHorror, Sci-FiRYes
Civil WarExp ShortsAction, FantasyPG-13
Classroom 6FeatureHorror, SupernaturalPG
Colors For LeoAnimation ShortMystery, FamilyPG
Cruise PatrolHorror ShortsAnimation, Sci-FiPG-13
Cut OutWI/IL Shorts 4Drama, CrimePGYes
DandelionComedy Shorts 2N/APG-13Yes
Dandelion DreamsGrab Bag ShortsDramaPG-13Yes
Date AmericaEncoreDocumentary, ComedyPG-13Yes
Day in the Life of a Bathroom MirrorComedy Shorts 1RomancePG
Deer In The HeadlightFeature | WI/ILDrama, ComedyPG-13Yes
Delver GlassHorror ShortsMysteryPG
Dig Two GravesFeature | WI/ILFantasy, MysteryRYes
Directors on DirectingComedy Shorts 2HorrorRYes
Disruptive EducationDoc ShortsEducationalGYes
Do As ToldWI/IL Shorts 2Experimental, PoeticGYes
Dog FoodHorror ShortsDramaPG
Dog*WalkFamily ShortsComedyGYes
Dostoevsky Behind Bars Documentary | WI/ILBiography, CrimePG-13Yes
Dramatics (a comedy)FeatureComedy, RomanceR
DustlandExp ShortsMystery, FantasyG
East Side SushiFeatureDramaPGYes
Espana is different Family ShortsDramaG
ExesComedy Shorts 1DramaPG-13
Family PortraitWI/IL Shorts 4Drama, MysteryPG-13Yes
Flesh ComputerHorror ShortsN/APG-13
Foley ArtistRomance ShortsDrama, ComedyPG-13
FoodDoc ShortsAnimationPGYes
Food Patriots Documentary | WI/ILComedy, NewsG
Foster DogFamily ShortsDramaGYes
Fourteen SeedsFamily ShortsEducationalPGYes
Free ManWI/IL Shorts 3DramaPG-13Yes
Geoffrey Broughe Handles Confrontation PoorlyWI/IL Shorts 1Comedy, ActionPG-13
Give It Up For The GirlShort B4 Feature | WI/ILDrama, ComedyRYes
GoatFamily ShortsDrama, ComedyG
God Forgive UsFeature | WI/ILDramaRYes
Good StoryPeople ShortsDrama, HistoryPG
Hairy Who & the Chicago ImagistDocumentaryBiography, History
Hank and AshaFeatureComedyGYes
HarpistWI/IL Shorts 4DramaPGYes
Healing HeartsWI/IL Shorts 3DocumentaryGYes
Hellos & GoodbyesGrab Bag ShortsDrama, FantasyPG
HellyfishSci-Fi ShortsComedy, HorrorPG-13
Hermes & AphroditeAnimation ShortFantasyPG-13
Home In MindDocumentaryDramaPG-13
Homeless | BruderCriminal ShortsDrama, ThrillerPG-13
HorizonHorror ShortsN/APG-13
Humanexus Animation ShortDocumentary, FamilyG
I Know You World ShortsDramaPG
Ice is MeltingFamily ShortsNewsG
IlluminateWI/IL Shorts 1DramaPG-13Yes
Inside & OutWI/IL Shorts 2DocumentaryGYes
IntrusionExp ShortsFantasyPG-13
Isthmus of MisfitsDocumentary | WI/ILDrama, ComedyPG-13Yes
Jimmy In PienkEncoreComedy, RomangePG-13
Job Interview Grab Bag ShortsDrama, ThrillerPG-13
KawurasExp ShortsDramaG
KayleeWI/IL Shorts 4Drama, CrimePG-13Yes
LapsusCriminal ShortsThrillerR
LayoverFeatureDrama, RomancePG-13
Letters to AshleighWI/IL Shorts 2DocumentaryGYes
Level of careLove Hurts ShortsDrama, SocialPG-13
LialouRomance ShortsComedyPG
Life Inside OutFeatureDrama, ComedyPGYes
Life: PattendedExp ShortsAdventurePG-13
Life and Death of Tommy Chaos & Stacey Danger, LifeSci-Fi ShortsAdventurePG
Light In MeGrab Bag ShortsAdventurePG
Line UpPeople ShortsMystery, FantasyPG-13
Little RedEncoreDramaPG-13Yes
LotharSci-Fi ShortsComedyG
Lunchbox LoserFamily ShortsDrama, ComedyPGYes
Magical UniverseDocumentaryBiographyPG
Me Tube: August Sings Carmen HabaneraComedy Shorts 2MusicPG-13
Medicine ClergyWi/IL Shorts 3Drama, DocumentaryPGYes
Melon HeadComedy Shorts 1Horror, RomancePG-13
MollyComedy Shorts 1DramaPG-13
MoritzFamily ShortsDramaG
Morning CallGrab Bag ShortsDrama, FamilyPG
Mousse FeatureComedyPG-13Yes
MoustacheRomance ShortsComedy, ThrillerPG
Mr. Stowlicker People ShortsDrama, ComedyPG
Murderer's Confession, ACriminal ShortsDrama, CrimeR
MuteLove Hurts ShortsDramaPG-13
New PlanetWI/IL Shorts 4Drama, Sci-FiGYes
NightLightsEncoreDrama, RomancePG
Ninah's DowryFeatureDrama, FamilyPG-13
Nostalgic WI/IL Shorts 2Drama, Sci-FiGYes
Not Funny!Comedy Shorts 1N/AG
Of Kites and BordersDocumentaryDrama, HispanicPG
ON/OFFSci-Fi ShortsFantasyPG
One ManComedy Shorts 1DramaPG
One Year LeaseComedy Shorts 1Comedy, Gay LesbianPG
Other OneFeature | WI/ILDrama, SupernaturalPG-13Yes
Out of BodyDoc ShortsFantasy, Sci-FiG
Party Time Party TimeFeature | WI/ILComedyMAYes
Phanthom of the OperaSilent Film ShowcaseHorrorPG
Place Where You Live Sci-Fi ShortsThrillerPG
QualifiedWI/IL Shorts 3Drama, ComedyPGYes
QWERTYEncoreComedy, RomanticRYes
Real Dirt on Farmer John, TheEncoreDocumentaryGYes
Real Live Adventures of a WI Mill, TheDocumentary | WI/ILHistoryGYes
Recently in the woodsAnimation ShortDrama, ComedyG
Red, Blue, and PurpleExp ShortsDrama, ThrillerPG
Requiem for a NightWorld ShortsDramaG
Sabbatical Feature | WI/ILDramaGYes
Safer In The DarkComedy Shorts 2EnvironmentalPG
Salomea's NoseShort B4 FeatureDrama, ComedyPG
Seize the CityWI/IL Shorts 2DocumentaryPGYes
SequoiaFeatureDrama, ComedyPG-13
Serial Daters AnonymousFeature | WI/ILComedy, RomanticPG-13Yes
Serori (Celery)World ShortsComedyR
Si LunchaiAnimation ShortsDrama, ComedyPGYes
Silence is GoldenComedy Shorts 1Comedy, RomancePG
Snail TrailAnimation ShortsFantasy, MusicG
Someone You Love: The HPV StoryDocumentary, BIFF CaresBiographyPGYes
Somos Amigos (We Are Friends) Comedy Shorts 2DramaPG
Space CadetsWI/IL Shorts 3Comedy, FamilyPG
Starfish ThrowersDocumentary, BIFF CaresDrama, DocumentaryPGYes
StavangerLove Hurts ShortsDramaPG-13
Steffi likes thisComedy Shorts 1N/APG
Tale of Momentum & Inertia, AAnimation ShortComedyG
They Are The LastDoc ShortsMaritimeG
Till ThenRomance ShortsDramaG
Tough CookieWI/IL Shorts 1Comedy, ActionRYes
TranslatorWI/IL Shorts 2Drama, BiographyG
Trials and Tribulations of Being a Skeleton, TheAnimation ShortComedyPG
Vannin'Documentary | WI/ILComedy, HistoryPG-13
Vic+Flo Saw a BearFeatureDramaPG-13
Voice, TheShort B4 Feature | WI/ILDramaPG-13Yes
Water Ice SnowShort B4 FeatureEducational, FamilyG
Welcome to BavariaWorld ShortsComedyPG
West by Orphan TrainDocumentary | WI/ILHistoryPGYes
White EarthDoc ShortsDrama, FamilyG
WildLikeFeatureDrama, ThrillerPG-13
WindAnimation ShortsDrama, ComedyPG
WinterludeWI/IL Shorts 1Drama, HorrorPG-13Yes
Wisconsin from the AirDocumentary | WI/ILTravelG
Wisconsin's Mining StandoffShort B4 FeatureDocumentary, NewsG
With Best RegardsComedy Shorts 2RomanceG
Woman Romance ShortsMusicalPG-13
Zeke and the All-Inclusive Cat HouseFamily ShortsComedy, AnimationGYes
Zigzag KidFeatureAdventure, KidsPG-13Yes