Short Screened before feature film: WATER, ICE, SNOW

Bible Quiz

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Genre:   Documentary
Country:   U.S.
Subtitles:   No
Rating:   G
Runtime:   76 min
Director:   Nicole L Teeny
Producer:   Nicole L Teeny, Marco Williams
Website :   Bible Quiz Movie


Bible Quiz


Seventeen-year-old Mikayla memorizes books of the Bible on her quest to win the National Bible Quiz Championship and the heart of JP, her quiz team captain.

The film explores coming of age in the face of faith, doubt, fierce competition and teen love.

Short Film Screened Before Feature:

Water, Ice, Snow

Water, Ice, Snow | Karim RaoulGenre:   Family, Educational
Country:   Mongolia
Subtitles:   No
Rating:   G
Runtime:   16 min
Director:   Karim Raoul
Producer:   Karim Raoul, Jack Turner, Greg Olliver, Jeffrey Kurz
Website :
Water, Ice, Snow
Water, Ice, Snow


New York-based artist/educator Sasha Sicurella works with children often affected by poverty, war or prejudice around the world to help them explore identity, self-worth and self-expression through self-portraiture photography. This film follows her to Mongolia, where she encourages a group of lively first-graders to photograph themselves, then memorializes their art in a gallery event for them and their families. Sicurella’s work is grounded in love, respect and joy. It’s an avenue of expression for her young students, a way to inspire and energize them, and to teach them to see others and, most important, themselves in a very different way.

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