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Dostoevsky Behind Bars

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Genre:   Biography, Crime
Country:   U.S.
Subtitles:   PG-13
Rating:   No
Runtime:   56 min.
Director:   Marc Kornblatt
Producer:   Marc Kornblatt
Website :   Refuge Films

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Dostoevsky Behind Bars


University graduate students and prison inmates meet weekly to discuss literature and share personal essays and stories.

Classroom sessions and interviews explode the stereotypes of brutish convicts, out-of-touch scholars and callous prison staff, while offering viewers a sense of hope.

Shot on location in a minimum-security facility in Wisconsin, this feature-length documentary pays homage to the power of the humanities, the art of teaching and the possibility of redemption for those shunned by society.

Wisconsin’s Mining Standoff

Wisconsin Mining StandoffGenre:   Documentary, News
Country:   U.S.
Subtitles:   G
Rating:   No
Runtime:   24 min.
Director:   Brad Lichtenstein
Producer:   Devon Cupery, Colin Sytsma
Website :   371 Productions
IMDb: Wisconsin’s Mining Standoff


If you care about democracy or the environment or simply love good drama, you won’t want to miss this deep dive into the controversial proposal to dig what could be one of North America’s largest open pit mines — right here in Wisconsin.

On March 11, 2013, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed legislation that rewrote the state’s iron mining laws, paving the way for Gogebic Taconite (GTAC) to dig a 4-mile open-pit iron mine in the pristine woods of the Penokee mountain range. The plan provoked a standoff between GTAC and its supporters seeking mining jobs, and the residents, Native American tribes and political leaders intent on protecting their communities and water from contamination.

This half-hour documentary for Al Jazeera America’s series “Fault Lines” tells the story of how GTAC and its allies wielded money and power to influence the law, and goes behind the scenes with the burgeoning movement to resist the mine. It explores the potential harms the mine might bring, from asbestos exposure to acid runoff into the waterways in the area. Our correspondent, Josh Rushing, speaks directly with locals on both sides of the issue in this thoughtful investigation.

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