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Directed by Conor Hibbler
Narrative Short
USA | 16 min | 2019

A quiet young boy hides his emotions about his mother’s declining health below his cowboy hat until he is forced to accept things that are beyond his control.

Cardinal - Poster

Signing on to direct this film was an easy “yes” for me. The team behind this female written, directed, and produced short film set out to create a story on screen that reflects the diverse world we live in, while staying true to our comedic roots. The comedic timing each performer brought to set was just *chef’s kiss.* And we are proud our cast and crew represent a variety of individual backgrounds, including African American, Middle Eastern, LGBTQ, Latinx, and Asian.

Cardinal - Conor HibblerConor Hibbler

Conor Hibbler is a Writer/Director from Houston, Texas, with experience writing and directing 12 films over the course of his time at Columbia College Chicago. His past works include various short films, ranging from character dramas to thrillers, to comedies, as well his 2017 feature film debut The Aardvark. With his additional musical talents, Conor also composes for each of his films, bringing an extra touch to each of these projects. With his films, Conor strives to tell unique and personal stories with a strong sense of perspective and allowing the character’s eyes to guide how the audience sees the world. Although these stories come from a very particular point-of-view, they still hold a weight that can be felt by anyone watching. This is no different for his most recent film Cardinal. He is currently working in New York after graduating in May 2019 and is in pre-production on his next film, An American Viking Funeral.

Film Information

Director: Conor Hibbler
Country: USA
Year: 2019
Language: English
Runtime: 17 min.
Rated: PG-13


Writers: Brock Stillmunks
Producer: Snore Doumbia
Director of Photography:  Corey Kinnane
Editor: Max Drenckpohl
Production Designer: Ellie Langshaw

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