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Thu Feb 27, 2020 – 7:30 pm | Hendricks Arts Center
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Directed by Hannah Black & Megan Petersen
Narrative Feature
USA | 84 min | 2019

It’s 1993 and the south is experiencing the worst drought in history. However, Carl, who is on the autism spectrum, is fascinated by weather and predicting a storm to hit west of his small town. In hopes of creating a better life for Carl, his sister Sam decides that they will chase the storm by stealing their mother’s ice cream truck. Unexpectedly, they are joined by their best friend Lewis and estranged older sister, Lillian where they learn about family, forgiveness, and following your dreams.

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Drought Movie Poster

‘Drought’ is a realistic comedy that celebrates the message “there is no such thing as normal”. It encourages the appreciation of differences and gives permission, no matter who you are, to have dreams to chase.

In 2017, we won the Hometown Heroes Rally hosted by Seed&Spark and Executive Producers Mark & Jay Duplass came on board. This rally highlighted the importance of telling stories from where you live.

‘Drought’ follows the female protagonist’s point-of-view as the older sister of a sibling with special needs. This film has already brought us the honor of educating others about working with individuals who are on the Autism spectrum. Our character Carl was played by a fantastic local Autistic actor. In addition, we had background talent and an on-set photographer who are also on the spectrum.

This story isn’t important because we created it, but because it is a lot of people’s story. It would be an honor to share it with the folks in Illinois!

With gratitude,
Megan Petersen & Hannah Black
Co-creators, Co-directors, Co-producers, Actors…and more!

Drought - Directors Hannah Black and Megan PetersenHannah Black & Megan Petersen

Hannah Black: Co-Director, Co-Creator, Writer, Executive Producer, Actor (Sam)
Hannah is an actor, writer, director from Wilmington, NC. After a 2 year career in teaching, she found herself craving a different path and decided to enroll in acting classes at Actor’s Arsenal. During a two year Meisner program, she met her now business partner, collaborator and best friend, Megan Petersen. They teamed up to create their first feature, Drought and gained executive producers Mark & Jay Duplass through the Seed&Spark Hometown Heroes Rally in 2017. Along with co-creating, writing, co-directing, and acting in Drought, Hannah continues to train at Actor’s Arsenal and works at a local breakfast spot. Her passion is to continue creating authentic southern stories that highlight underrepresented individuals.

Megan Petersen: Co-Director, Co-Creator, Executive Producer, Actor (Lillian)
Megan is best known for her one line role as “nurse” on House of Cards. Thus, she decided to create films to provide roles for & tell stories about women. After her first short film, IF, found success in festivals, she realized her ability to create meaningful content to shift perspectives. She teamed up with Hannah Black, her best friend and business partner, to co-create & co-direct their first feature film, Drought, in hopes that it will change the way we see value in people for the better. In 2017, Drought added Executive Producers Mark & Jay Duplass to the team through the Hometown Heroes Rally. In addition to being a part of the educational team for Seed&Spark, she teaches acting for the camera at Actor’s Arsenal in Wilmington, NC.

Film Information

Director: Hannah Black & Megan Peterson
Country: USA
Year: 2019
Language: English
Runtime: 84 min.
Rated: PG


Writer: Hannah Black
Producer: Mark Duplass, Jay Duplass, Dallas Morgan, Tahlia Morgan, Hannah Black, Megan Petersen
Music: Christian Black

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