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Pungjeong Radio

Directed by Wondal Park
Documentary Feature
Korea | 52 min | 2020

A mini FM radio station opens in a Pungjeong village in the mountains. It covers only 1km around the village and the average age of the DJs is 77 and it has only 40 listeners. I wanted to show how the elderly residents light up as they learn how to broadcast and how their lives changed. Depression of the elderly has been treated and happiness index of the village has been boosted through the little town radio for 900 days. Most importantly, they now enjoy a new challenge by communicating actively and live together in harmony. I wanted Pungjeong Radio to perform a role as a media towards people who live in such distant and secluded areas beyond a documentary.

Pungjeong Radio - Poster

Wondal Park is an expert the producer who planned and directed Pungjeong Radio. He has won 40 or so awards in Korea and abroad and hopes that ‘neighbors will become happier through human documentaries’. Pungjeong Radio is a movie for all ages. Pungjeong Radio is a format applicable anywhere around the world where there are elderly people, so the international target audience includes viewers in countries like China and Japan.

Pungjeong Radio - Wondal ParkWondal Park

– Ph.D in Mass Communication at Keimyung University, focus on New Media
– Documentarian at TBC(Taegu Broadcasting Corporation)
– Received over 40 awards at the Houston International Film Festival, the Korean Broadcast Awards and the Korean Broadcasting Producers’ Awards
– Interested in the elderly, refugees, alternative school students, and multicultural families

Film Information

Director: Wondal Park
Country: Korea
Year: 2020
Language: Korean
Runtime: 52 min.
Rated: G


Producer: Wondal Park
Writer: Eunjung Lee
Key Cast: Sangbae Lee

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