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Rockford Taking Flight

Directed by Toni Ashley McLaughlin
Documentary Short
USA | 25 min | 2020

Embark on a journey where one artist struggles to heal herself and a community through a collaborative art effort.

BIFF Fun Fact…

2018 BIFF Alumi

Sherman Park Rising Movie PosterDid you know… that this very same mural artist Tia Richardson and this community based mural project is an echo of a previous project and film presented at BIFF in 2018, Sherman Park Rising?
Well, now you know. :-)

What? You’re wondering why Beloit doesn’t have it’s own mural celebrating its own rich and historic cultural diversity?
Well, here you go.

Rockford Taking Flight, poster | Toni Ashley McLaughlin, Director

I was excited to help create Rockford Taking Flight as the community mural was an inspirational healing tool the community needed. Rockford Taking Flight is a beautiful piece that brings the art to the community and gives voices to those that may have felt unheard.

Toni Ashley McLaughlin, Director | Rockford Taking Flight

Toni Ashley McLaughlin

Toni Ashley McLaughlin is an internationally known filmmaker and Artist. She focuses her craft on documentary work as well as film projects for the art sector, non profits, and live events. Mrs. McLaughlin appreciates having the opportunity to tell otherwise untold stories. Since finishing Toni Ashley McLaughlin has launched a new studio in Rockford, Illinois called Whisper Studios. Whisper Studios is focused on empowering others to celebrate their true authentic beauty.

Film Information

Director: Toni Ashley McLaughlin
Country: USA
Year: 2020
Language: English
Runtime: 25 min.
Rated: PG


Producer: Tia Richardson

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