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Sat Feb 25, 2017 – 7:30 pm | Hendricks Arts Center

The Land Beneath Our Feet

Directed by Sarita Siegel & Gregg Mitman

Production: USA & UK | 1 hr | 2016
Filming Locations: Liberia & USA

The Land Beneath Our Feet weaves together rare archival footage from a 1926 Harvard expedition to Liberia with the journey of a young Liberian man, uprooted by war, seeking to understand how the past has shaped land conflicts in his country today. This film is an explosive reminder of how large-scale land grabs are transforming livelihoods across the planet.

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Sarita Siegel, Director - Land Beneath Our FeetSarita Siegel
Director, Producer

Sarita Siegel is Director, Producer, Writer, Editor and Cinematographer on The Land Beneath Our Feet. Siegel directed, produced and edited In The Shadow of Ebola (2015, 23 min.), commissioned by PBS. Siegel directed, produced, edited and was cinematographer on Fire Burn Babylon (2010, 53 min.). Fire Burn Babylon showed at more than 30 international film festivals and won several awards.

Siegel produced and directed Exiles and Outlaws (2009, 10 min.), and produced, directed and wrote The Disenchanted Forest (2002, 54 min.) for National Geographic US and NGCI. Siegel is currently producing and directing Outspoken (feature), a global journey into political and social rap music.

Land Beneath Our Feet Director, Gregg MitmanGregg Mitman
Director, Producer

Gregg Mitman is Director, Producer, and Writer on The Land Beneath Our Feet. He is an award-winning author, filmmaker, and teacher, who has spent the past decade uncovering the story behind the 1926 Harvard expedition to Liberia. He holds a distinguished research chair at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and is founder and director of Madison’s popular environmental film festival, Tales from Planet Earth. Mitman recently directed and produced In the Shadow of Ebola (2015, 23 min.), an intimate story of a family and nation torn apart by the Ebola outbreak in Liberia, which aired online on PBS/Independent Lens.

Film Information

Director: Sarita Siegel, Gregg Mitman
Country: USA and UK (Production), Liberia and USA (Filming)
Year: 2016
Language: Liberian English, Kpelle, Bassa, Kru and English
Subtitles: Yes
Runtime: 1 hr
Rated: PG13


Producers: Sarita Siegel, Gregg Mitman
Consulting Producer: Judith Helfand
Associate Producers: Justin Bomberg, Judith Helfand, Jojin Van Winkle, Alexander Wiaplah
Cinematographer/DP:  Sarita Siegel
Original Music/Composers: Royal De Busta Pain, Prakash Pochano Bestman, Melvin Jones, Rob Waugh

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