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We Left As Brothers

Directed by Evan Mulgrave
Documentary Feature
USA | 58 min | 2020

Fifty years after the end of the Vietnam War, six US veterans return to Vietnam to make peace with their experiences.

We Left As Brothers - Poster

Every Vietnam veteran I spoke with while making this film said that they didn’t feel like they could talk about their experiences from the war for years, sometimes decades after they served. I wanted to make this film to help them tell their story, not only of their time in the war but what it felt like to return to a place they only knew from a brief and traumatic stay fifty years ago. I think it is important to share these experiences, to better understand the human cost of war, and to not allow it to become an abstract burden to the majority of us that will never experience it.

Evan Mulgrave, Director | We Left As BrothersEvan Mulgrave

Evan Mulgrave is an independent filmmaker from Pittsburgh, PA. After years of working on a number of short films and commercial projects, Evan co-wrote and produced his first feature-length film “Devil’s Night” in 2015. Shortly after the release of “Devil’s Night”, Evan co-created the comedy web-series “Grimes Time” which he both writes and stars in. Evan is now making his directorial debut with “We Left as Brothers: Returning to Vietnam 50 Years After the War,” a feature-length documentary about 6 U.S. veterans looking to make peace with their experiences of serving in Vietnam by returning to the country for the first time since the war.

Film Information

Director: Evan Mulgrave
Country: USA
Year: 2020
Language: English
Runtime: 58 min.
Rated: PG-13


Producer: Evan Mulgrave, Todd DePastino
Key Cast: Ben Wright, Stephen Foreman, Larry Woods, Ray Amelio, Lou Nudi, Andy Nigut

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