Fuzz Track City

Filmmaker Attending

Friday: 4:00 pm  – Domenico’s
Friday: ADDED — 9:00 pm  – Wilson Theater
Saturday:  6:30 pm  –  Speakeasy 1
Saturday:  ADDED — 7:30 pm  –  Bushel & Peck’s


Fuzz Track City

Category: Feature
Country: USA
Language: English
Rating: R
Runtime: 93 min.
Director: Steve Hicks
Producer: Steve Hicks
Facebook: Fuzz Track City

Fuzz Track City is a fresh neo-noir with a retro vibe of a classic 70’s detective flick…

Meet Murphy Dunn–private dick from the Valley–who looks more like a drunk 70’s porn star wearing a tie…down and out and on the fringe after his best friend/business partner is killed and his marriage fell apart. His only comforts are the rundown car, clothes and haircut he’s kept since high school.

Enter Ms. Dawn Lockwood, Murphy’s old high school guidance counselor. This sultry cougar needs help finding her missing son Mike–a record-collecting recluse–who disappeared after locating a very rare 70’s forty-five record album.

After enrolling the help of his sassy ex-wife, Murphy’s investigation leads him into the L.A. music scene and through the city’s underbelly–a dangerous trail of fakers and shakers that will do absolutely anything to keep their dreams alive.

To solve the case, Murphy must learn the difference between growing up and selling out–a difference that will either get him a life or get his ass killed.

Fuzz Track City is a rockin’ fast, fun mystery that’s full of surprises.