Bringing King – China

Bringing King To China

Thursday: 2:30 pm  –  Rotary Center
Friday: 6:30 pm – Rock County Historical Society

Bringing King to ChinaCategory: Documentary
Country: China,India,Iraq,U S A
Language: English
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 85 min.
Director: Kevin McKiernan
Website:  Bringing King To China
Facebook:  Bringing King To China

‘Bringing King to China’ is the story of a young Fulbright scholar and her efforts to bring the non-violent ideas of Martin Luther King, Jr. to China. The main character is Caitrin, a Mandarin-speaking woman who studied both Asian and African-American history at Stanford University. Her improbable dream is to build a human rights bridge between nuclear superpowers China and the U.S., an idea she developed after graduation from college when she worked at the King Institute at Stanford. Her goal is to use Chinese theater to show the world a “positive face of America.” Caitrin’s dream, which blossomed in the post-9/11 world of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, has been been featured on NPR, in The New York Times and in The Los Angeles Times.

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Comeback, The Wisconsin Beer Movie

Filmmaker AttendingThursday: 10:00 pm – Domenico’s
Friday: 6:30 pm – Bushel & Peck’s
Saturday: 4:00 pm – Speakeasy 2
Sunday: ADDED — Noon – Bushel & Peck’s

Comeback, Wisconsin Beer MovieCategory: Documentary
Country: USA
Language: English
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 51 min.
Director: Timothy Tynan
Producer: Timothy Tynan
Website:  Comeback Beer Film
Facebook:  Comeback Beer Movie

A behind the scenes documentary about the rise, fall, and rise again of Wisconsin brewing. In a time when American craft beer growth seems unstoppable, Wisconsin is emerging once again as one of the top brewing regions.

Authors Robin Shepard, Kevin Revolinski, and Jeff Glazer provide in depth analysis while brewers Randall Sprecher and Tanner Brethorst give us a refreshing personal perspective. We also visit several mouthwatering Wisconsin festivals and beer tastings as well as meet the noble people behind the resurrection of Potosi Brewing, one of the oldest breweries in the state.

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Fambul Tok

Friday:  4:00 pm  –  La Casa Grande
Saturday:  6:30 pm –   Rock County Historical Society

Fambul Tok | Sara TerryCategory: Documentary
Country: USA
Language: English
Rating: PG-15
Runtime: 83 min.
Director: Sara Terry
Producer: Rory Kennedy
Facebook:  Fambul Tok

“Fambul Tok” tells the story of healing in post-conflict Sierra Leone through intimate stories of perpetrators and victims, including:

Esther and Joseph – family members caught in the horrors of the war. At age 12 Esther was captured by rebels, and raped by 15 men. Among them was her uncle, Joseph. He, too, had been caught by rebels and ordered to rape Esther – or be killed.

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Double Feature 2

Thursday:  10:00 pm –  Rotary Center
Saturday: 11:00 am – Rock County Historical Society
Saturday: 1:30 pm – Cheese People/ Nikki’s Café

My Way Home

Category: Short | Double Feature
Country: USA
Language: English
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 57 min.
Director: Joe Sacco
Producer: Jennifer Plevin

Twenty-Three year old filmmaker Dao Chang is looking for answers. As a young Hmong-American Woman she yearns for information about her family’s past, her cultural identity, and the war that changed her destiny. But she can’t seem to find the answers she needs, at least not here, some eight-thousand miles from the place she was born.

After insurmountable road-blocks in communication prevent her from getting answers from her father, she turns to other members of her family and community, but she still needs more; she needs evidence of a life she can’t remember.

She must return to Laos- the country her family was forced to flee some twenty years ago so she can see it for herself. There she meets a long-lost aunt and discovers what her life might have been like if her family hadn’t escaped.

My Way Home was produced by docUWM, a documentary media center at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee. The film was conceived, edited, and shot by four university students, including Chang, with guidance and support from executive producer Brad Lichtenstein (Almost Home), consulting producer Aaron Woolf (King Corn), supervising producer Jenny Plevin, and the Peck School of the Arts Film Department.

Filmmaker AttendingOld Growth


Category: Short | Double Feature
Country: USA
Language: English
Rating: PG-15
Runtime: 32 min.
Director: Charlotte Buck
Producer: Charlotte Buck
Website:  Charlotte Buck

Phoebe has graduated from college in the past year, and is living alone in her family’s brownstone in Brooklyn. After the death of a her mother a couple years prior, her father, Charles, moved to a country house. Phoebe visits Charles for the weekend, hoping to have a ‘father-daughter’ weekend, and soon realizes he has other ideas in mind. While walking in the woods after a fight with Charles, she discovers a traveler kid living in the woods, and the two form a quiet friendship while learning about each other’s vastly different lives–and subtle similarities.

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Triple Feature 3

Friday:  1:30 pm  –  La Casa Grande
Friday: 4:30 pm  –  Speakeasy 2
Saturday: 6:30 pm  –  Hendricks Art Center
Sunday: 2:30 pm – Bushel & Peck’s


Category: Short Film
Country: U S A
Language: English
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 29
Director: VP Boyle
Producer: VP Boyle
Facebook:  Lifeless

A movie musical with a completely original score, LIFELESS #BeingKindaDeadSortaSucks weaves it’s quirky path around eight high school grads who accidentally spill Extra-Strength-Blue-Plummer-Gel into their party punch and wake up undead. Luxe Montgomery is out of rehab again and hosting the final bash of the season before some accidental spillage, Wiccan herbs and more-than-a-few tabs of Ecstasy make it into their boozy punch bowl.

The crew starts dropping like flies after they pound the first shot. However, morning brings a wicked little surprise. When they begin to revive themselves, it’s very clear that things have changed and that their body parts are a bit more fragile than when they were fully alive. Things start to fall apart (literally) as they navigate Mormon boys, a hot delivery man, some GLEE wannabees selling candy door-to-door and some bizarre advice from a Tarot Reader.

When the reality that being sorta dead kinda sucks really hits home, the gang-arene must make a difficult choice while working out their non-future through some gritty song and dance. Yes, it’s a dark comedy with blue goo.


Category: Short Film
Country: U S A
Language: English
Rating: R
Runtime: 23
Director: Libby Wells
Producer: Libby Wells
Website:  Umpire

When professional baseball’s only female umpire, Billie Satriano, is asked to investigate the disappearance of a senior umpire suspected of corrupt activities, she finds herself torn between her family of officials and the game she so loves. In navigating through this dilemma, Billie’s focused gaze–a gaze solely occupied by the events between the baselines–is not only called into question and her career placed in jeopardy, but her own life will hang in the balance.

Filmmaker AttendingMiracles on Honey Bee Hill

Category: Short Film
Country: U S A
Language: English
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 23
Director: Bob Pondillo
Producer: Diana Rice
Website:  Miracles on Honey Bee Hill

A young female pines for true love, but when she finds her ‘special someone’ her zealously religious church family becomes enraged over it, and attempts to drive her from the congregation. It literally takes a visit from God for the pious group to accept and understand the power of compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, and love.

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Filmmaker Attending


Thursday  –  7:30 pm – Domenico’s
Friday: 9:00 pm – Domenico’s
Saturday: 4:00 pm – Speakeasy 1

Confine | Tobias TobbellCategory: Feature
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Rating: PG-15
Runtime: 91 min.
Director: Tobias Tobbell
Producer: Emily Corcoran
Website: Confine The Movie

Pippa (Daisy Lowe) is a physically and emotionally scarred former model living as a recluse in her meticulous Georgian flat. When a heist taking place in the same building goes wrong, Pippa’s home is broken into by the charismatic Kayleigh (Eliza Bennett).

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Finding John Smith

Thursday:  10:00 pm –  Wilson Theater
Saturday: 1:30 pm – Rock County Historical Society

Finding John Smith | Marlo BernierCategory: Feature
Country: USA
Language: English
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 92 min.
Director: Marlo Bernier
Producer: Jennifer Fontaine
Website: Finding John Smith
Facebook:  Finding John Smith

In the wake of the tragic loss of her mother in a rogue bombing, an Iraqi girl, Aaseamah (Dominique Joelle) escapes her War-Torn village and finagles her way to the U.S., on the coattails of two American Journalists, Jodi McKenton (Jennifer Fontaine) and Jake Ramirez (David Mattey). Who now make their way with her through Iowa in search of her dad, whom she’s never met and who she only knows as, John Smith. The three deal with an all but impossible language barrier and Jodi’s need to get ahead, until they finally realize that sometimes what you’re looking for isn’t always so far away, or what you think you need. But rather right where you are,…no matter where you are…

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Fuzz Track City

Filmmaker Attending

Friday: 4:00 pm  – Domenico’s
Friday: ADDED — 9:00 pm  – Wilson Theater
Saturday:  6:30 pm  –  Speakeasy 1
Saturday:  ADDED — 7:30 pm  –  Bushel & Peck’s


Fuzz Track City

Category: Feature
Country: USA
Language: English
Rating: R
Runtime: 93 min.
Director: Steve Hicks
Producer: Steve Hicks
Facebook: Fuzz Track City

Fuzz Track City is a fresh neo-noir with a retro vibe of a classic 70’s detective flick…

Meet Murphy Dunn–private dick from the Valley–who looks more like a drunk 70’s porn star wearing a tie…down and out and on the fringe after his best friend/business partner is killed and his marriage fell apart. His only comforts are the rundown car, clothes and haircut he’s kept since high school.

Enter Ms. Dawn Lockwood, Murphy’s old high school guidance counselor. This sultry cougar needs help finding her missing son Mike–a record-collecting recluse–who disappeared after locating a very rare 70’s forty-five record album.

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Last Stop: Salvation

Friday: 6:30 pm – The Armory
Friday:  9:00 pm  –  Bagels & More
Saturday: 4:00 pm – Bushel & Peck’s
Saturday: 6:30 pm – Franchesco’s


Last Stop Salvation | Yusaf PirhasanCategory: Feature
Country: Turkey
Language: English Subtitles
Rating: PG-17
Runtime: 100 min.
Director: Yusuf Pirhasan
Producer: Yusuf Pirhasan

The inhabitants of Saadet Apartment are about to get a lesson in grass roots revolution.

A group of women who have become numb to the pain in their lives welcome a new tenant into the building. Little do they know that the heartbroken Eylem will change their lives forever.

When she bought her new flat, the young psychotherapist Eylem never imagined that she would move in under such circumstances. The dream of setting up house with her handsome fiancé Okan and embarking on a life of personal and professional happiness has turned into the nightmare of being dumped two weeks before the wedding and sliding into emotional and financial despair.

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Like the Water

Friday: 4:00 pm – Cheese People/ Nikki’s Café
Saturday:  4:00 pm – Rock County Historical Society
Sunday: 12:00 am – Rotary Center

Like The Water | Caroline Von KuhnCategory: Feature
Country: USA
Language: English
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 77 min.
Director: Caroline von Kuhn
Producer: Emily Best
Facebook:  Like the Water

This film follows Charlie, a young journalist, as she returns to her hometown of Camden, Maine to write and give the eulogy of her childhood friend’s memorial. But she finds in the wake of her loss, the once familiar landscape of her life — her oldest friends, a family home, and the town where she knew every fence and tree — seems permanently altered.

The stunning summer terrain of Maine and the warmth of her small town feels too vibrant — almost a betrayal. Some manage to assimilate grief gracefully, but for most it is a messy struggle, which shines a light into the darkest corners of oneself.

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Little Red

Thursday:  7:30 pm – Eclipse Center

Friday: 4:00 pm – Speakeasy 1
Saturday: ADDED — 1:30 pm – Bushel & Pecks
Saturday: 6:30 pm – Domenico’s

Little Red | The MovieCategory: Feature
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Language: English
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 83 min.
Director: Tate Bunker
Producer: Tate Bunker, Miles O’Neil
Facebook:  Little Red The Movie

Once upon a time…

Eleven-year-old Red, a young girl from Milwaukee, tricks her family and sets out on her own to contend with the wolves of the world. In this contemporary version of “Little Red Riding Hood,” Red soon finds out that the world is a much more frightening place than she had imagined when she is stalked by a wolfish pedophile named Lou, played by Mark Metcalf (Animal House, Seinfield, Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

On her journey to see the wild horses of Cumberland Island, she must rely on the help of Kayla, an older, worldlier companion she meets in Florida, to help steer her away from danger. As Lou closes in on the girls, they must work together to overcome their fears and the challenges they face.

Happily ever after does not come easily or without a price.


Friday:  6:30 pm – Bagels & More
Friday:  6:30 pm – Speakeasy 1
Saturday:  ADDED — 4:00 pm – Domenico’s
Saturday:  ADDED — 6:30 pm – Rotary River Center
Sunday:  ADDED — 5:00 pm – Bushel & Peck’s

QWERTY | Movie Poster

Category: Feature
Country: USA
Language: English
Rating: R
Runtime: 91
Director: Bill Sebastian
Producer: Jeremy Truelove
Facebook:  QWERTY the movie

QWERTY tells the story of two lonely humans trying to figure out how to experience love.

The socially outcast, but verbally gifted Zoe, whilst not eating, drinking and dreaming Scrabble, works a lonely desk job at the Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles screening personalized license plates for hidden dirty words or messages.

Her step-father is turning 60 in five weeks, and while shopping for the event at the mall, she meets Marty, a down-on-his-luck security guard in the midst of a career-changing public meltdown over the price of underwear and the implied size of a male model’s genitalia. ‘Say it with me, you’re better than your underwear!’ he screams from atop the retail display to anyone who will listen. Perhaps wishing she could muster the courage to perform such anti-social behavior, Zoe is unwillingly drawn to Marty.

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Ruthless People

Filmmaker AttendingSaturday:  6:30 pm – The Armory



Ruthless People | David Zucker

Category: Feature
Country: USA
Language: English
Rating: R
Runtime: 93 min.
Director: David Zucker, Jim Abrahams
Producer: Touchstone Pictures
IMDb: Ruthless People

Sam Stone is a clothing manufacturer, who married his wife Barbara, for the money that she was supposed to inherit from her dying father, but her father didn’t die for another fifteen years. He is now planning to kill her and he tells his girlfriend Carol what he is going to do. He then on his way home to do just that but when he gets there, she’s not there. He then receives a call from someone claiming to have kidnapped Barbara and threatening to kill her if he informs the police, which he does hoping that they do.

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The Sweatshop Movie

Short Slot 2

Thursday: 12:00 pm – Domenico’s
Friday: 9:00 pm – Cheese People/ Nikki’s Café
Friday: 11:00 am –  Rock County Historical Society
Saturday: 4:00 pm – Hendricks Art Center

Filmmaker AttendingMegumi’s Workout?



Megumi's Workout?

Category: Short Film
Country: USA
Language: English
Rating: PG
Runtime: 5 min.
Director: Scott Adams
Producer: Scott Adams

Megumi is a young girl who is very hungry, but she is also obsessed with being skinny.

When she goes to the refrigerator to get some food, she sees a banner she wrote on the refrigerator: Do not eat. She then looks back at the scale, which is in the kitchen. She goes to it, steps on the scale and she is very unhappy with what she sees. She then embarks on a number of exercises. First she does yoga. She proves very flexible and very fit, but then tumbles at the end. Then she does push-ups and other similar exercises. After that, she does martial arts, including demonstrations with nun-chucks and a katana blade. After that, she loses 10 pounds. She is ecstatic but still very hungry. She orders a pizza and eats it as if it is a blissful experience ruining all of the hard work she did for the day.

He filled it with books for his neighbors to borrow. But after he saw how people responded to his creation and told his buddy Rick about it, the two got to thinking. In this short documentary you’ll meet Todd and Rick together with some of the ardent community-minded readers who are part of their global phenomenon. Okay, so most of the little libraries are in the Midwest. Just wait. You’ll be able to say you saw the movie before things took off!

Global Tides

Global TidesCategory: Short Film
Country: USA
Language: English
Rating: PG
Runtime: 7 min.
Director: Linda Brieda

Global Tides is an international, interdisciplinary collaboration that incorporates film, music and dance. This short 7 minute film depicts two opposing life settings and forces:

On the one hand a fast-paced metropolis where an incessant flood of irritations lead to alienation from oneself and to a loss of creative inspiration, and on the other hand a beach by the ocean, where self-awareness, creativity and a sense of well-being thrive within the quiet peace of nature’s rhythms.

The film explores the struggle to recognize the soft calling of one’s inner voice, which can be overpowered by the frantic rush of the city crowds. Our need for isolation within the masses can lead to alienation from our environment and we become unaware of the permanent footprints that we leave upon the earth.

The multicultural creators of Global Tides have come together from the United States, Germany, and Japan. Their different artistic and cultural backgrounds bring varying perspectives to the same subject and thereby enhance the quality of the creative work, as well as the distribution possibilities. Screenings of the film are planned for Film Festivals in several countries, including the creators’ own.

Global Tides will serve as a wake-up call for the audience, inspiring them to newly listen to their intuition, open their eyes to the essentials in life and let their actions speak for a harmonious coexistence between the inner and the outer world.


Time passed on the merry-go-round blurCategory: Short Film
Country: Singapore
Rating: PG
Runtime: 11
Director: Sun Jun Hui

In Singapore, merry-go-rounds are near vanishing from playgrounds. Our next generation would not be able to identify with them, play with them, sit on them. Riding on a merry-go-round feels like time is blurred. A sweet coming of age Asian film starting with the universal question: What is time? The film explores the concept of time between the two generations. A grandson coming over to his grandpa’s house to fulfill a wish. Can they manipulate time? Can they do it? What are they doing?


The Sweatshop MovieCategory: Short Film
Country: USA
Language: English
Rating: PG
Runtime: 12
Director: Chin Tangsakulsathaporn
Producer: Chin Tangsakulsathaporn
Website:  The Sweatshop
Facebook:  The Sweatshop Film

The story about Lee (7, boy) and Mimi (11 girl) who struggle with their imprisonment in an illegal sweatshop and hope for a way out. Ahong (the sweatshop owner) confines the group of children workers in a depressed basement. When Lee finally discovers a chance to get away, he will make a decision that could change both of their futures forever.

Filmmaker AttendingBecause It’s Small



Because It's Small

Category: Short Film
Country: USA
Language: English
Rating: PG
Runtime: 17
Director: Marc Kornblatt
Producer: Marc Kornblatt

Begun as a modest carpentry project in a Wisconsin man’s front yard, Little Free Library has blossomed into what commentators have dubbed a world-wide movement. Todd Bol meant to build just one little school house, as a tribute to his mother. He filled it with books for his neighbors to borrow. But after he saw how people responded to his creation and told his buddy Rick about it, the two got to thinking. In this short documentary you’ll meet Todd and Rick together with some of the ardent community-minded readers who are part of their global phenomenon. Okay, so most of the little libraries are in the Midwest. Just wait. You’ll be able to say you saw the movie before things took off!

Colors of Evil

Colors of EvilCategory: Short Film
Country: USA
Language: English
Rating: PG
Runtime: 4
Director: Phillip Simon, Alyse Miller
Website:  Alyse Miller
Website:  Phillip Simon
Facebook:  The Colors of Evil

Tormented on a daily basis by her schoolmate Nancy, Vivian uses her knowledge of the dark arts to summon a demon servant and get revenge. When she performs the ritual, however, the results are fluffier than she expected.

The Silk

The Silk | Nathalie BolttCategory: Short Film
Country: New Zealand
Language: English
Rating: PG
Runtime: 15
Director: Nathalie Boltt, Clare Burgess
Producer: Nathalie Boltt
Website:  The Silk

None of us want to die. But die we will. There is another way, though, as Herb and Amy find out. And it’s been right under their noses – for 50 years.
The silk, a gift of extraordinary beauty, has remained vibrant and entrancing as the Blackies have withered and faded. It represents the fabric of their life together, about to be ripped apart by Mr B’s illness. But Mrs B is a feisty one and she’s not about to take this folly sitting down. Unless it’s sitting down at a sewing machine to reshape this overprotected piece of material into something useful. She has no idea of the chain of events she will unleash however. Events that will bring to life, rob of life and reignite the life they have shared.
A story of love, mortality, transcendence…and making the first cut.

Filmmaker AttendingNooner



Nooner | Kate Berneking Kogut

Category: Short Film
Country: USA
Language: English
Rating: PG
Runtime: 13
Director: Kate Berneking Kogut
Producer: Kate Berneking Kogut

Struggling with a broken heart, Keely waits at her window table at a restaurant every day during lunch, watching as life passes her by. She sees the regulars – the young couple in love, the retired couple, the lonely man, and the empty store across the street. Observing how the lives around her are changing, she wonders how she can begin to move on. What will it take?

When the store across the street is rented, the new shop owner becomes a restaurant regular…and another way Keely might reconnect with life.

Filmed without dialog, ‘Nooner’ explores the power of reaching out and connecting with others.

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Wait for Rain

Short Slot 3

Thursday:  10:00 pm – Bagels & More
Friday: 1:30 pm –  Rock County Historical Society
Saturday: 6:30 pm – Cheese People/ Nikki’s Café


Lifted | Zachary GoldbergCategory: Short Film
Country: USA
Language: English
Rating: PG
Runtime: 5
Director: Zachary Goldberg
Producer: Sarah Sellman

LIFTED tells an ethereal story of a fleeting kinship formed between two lonely children. Sara (Beatrice Miller) makes a fascinating discovery when a boy (Brandon Buescher) endowed with the power of flight crashes behind her home.

From Zachary Goldberg, this empathetic fantasy is grounded in the emotional journey of its characters.. the boy who fell from the sky and the girl who found him. LIFTED was completed as a thesis film for NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Film & Television Department.

House, A Home

A House, A Home | Daniel FickleCategory: Short Film
Country: USA
Language: English
Rating: PG
Runtime: 7
Director: Daniel Fickle
Producer: Mark C. Smith
Website:  A House, A Home

The Lone Fir Cemetery is the resting place for many of the people who founded and influenced the history of Portland, Oregon.

When a benefit album titled Dearly Departed was commissioned by Friends of Lone Fir Cemetery, singer-songwriters from the Pacific Northwest were approached and asked to write a song about a specific person buried at Lone Fir.

Adam Shearer (Weinland) chose to write about James C. Hawthorne, a doctor and humanist who cared for the mentally ill. Shearer enlisted the help of Adam Selzer (M. Ward, Norfolk & Western) and together they wrote A House, A Home. The song tells a story about two of Dr. Hawthorne’s patients whose love for each other is unrealized until they pass away. The music video for A House, A Home begins at the last line of the song ”You die knowing he’ll bury you next to your love in the ground…” and continues the story.


Bounce | John AkreCategory: Short Film
Country: USA
Language: English
Rating: PG
Runtime: 6
Director: John Akre
Producer: John Akre

My father died very suddenly, and left me before I could tell him all the things I wanted to tell him. After his body floated away, I discovered him again through the photo albums that he left behind. These albums were full of images that I had never seen before, images from his childhood. An image of him with a pogo stick led me to buying a similar pogo stick at a garage sale and using that pogo stick to reach his head up in the sky.

When a friend was making a documentary about pogo sticks, I volunteered to do an interview, but I don’t remember doing it. I saw the film, but didn’t even recognize myself in it. When I left the film, I saw the pogo stick, which I had ridden to the screening, had been stolen.

‘Bounce’ is based on a dream I had after the death of my father. It is an animated short that uses clay and cut-out construction paper to tell the story of the death of my father and the rediscovery of his life after his death from his photo albums. It is told in silent movie style, with inter-titles, and a minimalist soundtrack made up of water sounds.

Filmmaker AttendingMy Friend Erhan



My Friend Erhan | Khurram M. Sultan

Category: Short Film
Country: Turkey,United Kingdom
Language: English
Rating: PG
Runtime: 12
Director: Khurrum M. Sultan
Producer: Bedii Akin

Nur and her new friend Erhan are young children in a orphanage. One day Erhan the mute gets into trouble because of Nur and takes the blame for her, which leaves her feeling guilty. Tahir, the head of the orphanage wants to teach the kids a lesson and gives Erhan a goat to look after, which will be slaughtered later to feed the kids. Nur manages to lose the goat as well and panics, because she doesn’t want her friend to get into trouble for her again. She sets off on an adventurous journey to find and return the goat, but comes back empty handed, yet having learned the importance of honesty and responsibility. Just as she confesses to the head of the orphanage, it turns out that Erhan had actually found and been looking after the goat. Erhan thanks and forgives her. Nur is redeemed.

Filmmaker AttendingMemento Mori



Momento Mori | Karen Erbach

Category: Short Film
Country: USA
Language: English
Rating: PG
Runtime: 11
Director: Karen Erbach
Producer: Susan Kerns

Emmanuel never quite recovered from losing his mother when he was a child. He devotes his life to traveling town to town in his showman’s wagon, and he enters a small, quintessentially American village circa the early 1900s. He encourages the townspeople to have their photos taken, and afterward, he steals their most prized possessions. Then he meets Violet, a young woman who also has lost her mother, and he feels a kinship with her. Her story allows him to question his own actions. Emmanuel starts to wonder if revenge is the best form of healing, and he eventually has a change of heart.

Wait for Rain

Wait For Rain | Kyle RideoutCategory: Short Film
Country: Canada
Language: English
Rating: PG
Runtime: 14
Director: Kyle Rideout
Producer: Josh Epstein
Website:  Kyle Rideout
Facebook:  Motion 58 Entertainment

A warming planet has made water scarce, food a rarity, and wearing plants like jewelry fashionable. James, a hapless office worker, becomes obsessed with nurturing his plant in order to obtain the respect of his peers and risks everything to not Wait for Rain.

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La Mirada Perdida - Dionisio

Short Slot 6

Thursday: 2:30 pm  –  Hendricks Art Center
Friday: 6:30 pm – Speakeasy 2
Saturday: 9:00 pm – Domenico’s

La Mirada Perdida

La Mirada Perdida - DionisioCategory: Short Film
Country: Argentina, Spain
Rating: PG-15
Runtime: 11
Director: Damian Dionisio
Producer: Osom Films
Website:  La Marida Perdida

Argentina, 1976. Claudio is forced to live with his family in hiding, due to his political ideals.


Runner | Parker EllermanCategory: Short Film
Country: Germany
Language: English subtitles
Rating: R
Runtime: 10
Director: Parker Ellerman
Producer: Jan Fincke

How far can we go in the pursuit of our goals? It is one of these universal questions that is raised by our film’s story. The answer is never easy to find. And doing the right thing sometimes clashes with our personal motives and needs. The Runner tells the story of a ten-year-old-boy in a township in Cape Town. He decides to head to the city in order to get some money for his mother’s urgent surgery. The lesson the boy in our film has to learn is universal: you cannot do something bad to achieve something good. The lead role is played by 10-year old Cwangco Mayekiso who actually lives in the Gugulethu township.

Nowhere To Go

Nowhere to go | Robert MayCategory: Short Film
Country: USA
Language: English
Rating: R
Runtime: 15
Director: Robert May
Producer: Carly Chaikin

The end of a relationship often sees us tortured between words spoken and all that has been left unsaid. Capturing that restless emotion, NOWHERE TO GO fills the raw and indulgent space one lingers in after a breakup, with the internal dialogue we struggle to express. Divulging the gaping chasm between a couples’ worn down and developing thoughts—the film reveals a relationship that is as destructive as it is addictive, with whirlwind glimpses of what used to be. Reflecting flickers of every breakup, NOWHERE TO GO draws the audience in with universal feelings that are all too relatable. Directed by Robert May, the film is Carly Chaikin’s producorial and writing debut, in which she also stars alongside Jordan Heathcott.


No | Guillermo BoschCategory: Short Film
Country: Spain
Rating: R
Runtime: 10
Director: Guillermo P. Bosch
Producer: Guillermo P. Bosch, Juan Nemesio Martin
Website:  Guillermo P. Bosch
Facebook:  No – short film

“The Perfection in your hand.” An emerging model for advertisements suffers, all of a sudden, a physical defect that drives him into a process of self destruction. A descent into hell around the obsession with looks.

Wolf Call

Wolf Call | Rob UnderhillCategory: Short Film
Country: USA
Language: English
Rating: R
Runtime: 13
Director: Rob Underhill
Producer: Rob Underhill

It is 1956. The previous year, 14-year old Emmett Till from Chicago had gone missing in Money, Mississippi. Later, the boy’s mutilated body was found in a river. William Bradford Huie of Look magazine sits down with the two men acquitted for the boy’s murder, Roy Bryant Jr. and J.W. Milam, to discuss the trial. Not a word had been uttered outside a courtroom by them or their kin, until now…

WOLF CALL (16 Awards, 5 Nominations), the true Mississippi, civil rights story crafted from public record, transports us back to this historic drama that became a lightning rod for moral outrage and pivotal in inspiring a whole generation of young people to commit to social change in the 1950s. ‘His death was a spark that ignited the Civil Rights Movement in America,’ Ed Bradley, Emmy Award-winning journalist.

WOLF CALL is brought to you by the makers of “Empty Space”: winner of 8 festival awards, 4 nominations. “Wolf Call” is the next installment in the Emmett Till, civil rights saga: a transfixing, true-story of the historic interviews that became a lightning rod for moral outrage and pivotal in inspiring a whole generation of young people to commit to social change in the 1950s.

Cinematographer and co-producer, Aravind Ragupathi, pays visual tribute to 1950s news and television anchors in how the set, props, and shot selection are woven into the story-telling. And, the visual tricks he employs in “Wolf Call” were created on camera while filming, using techniques employed in the 1950s.

The film stars MIKE WILEY, winner of multiple Best Actor Awards for his performance in “Empty Space,” including Best Actor at the 25th Black International Cinema Berlin.

In WOLF CALL, Mike Wiley is William Bradford Huie of Look magazine…

In September of 1955, in Money, Mississippi a jury found Roy Bryant Jr. and J.W. Milam both not guilty of murdering 14-year old Emmett Till from Chicago. Before the trial they had admitted to kidnapping Emmett, but held no blame in his disappearance and consequent murder. They weren’t even indicted for the abduction: off scot-free, clean as a whistle. Not a word had been uttered outside a courtroom by them or their kin, until now. Without this missing piece of the puzzle, hypocrisy and myth had flourished.

It is now January 24, 1956, nearly six months after the kidnapping, murder and subsequent trial. William Bradford Huie sits down with the accused killers, J.W. and Roy, two men who have been hoisted on the shoulders of white supremacy.

Huie questions the men, not as a journalistic source and not as interrogator to witness, but as a southern white man to southern white men. He knows they did it, that answer is brutally obvious. What this reporter wants to understand, what Look magazine is paying $4000 dollars to print and what several million Americans just like you will pay to read and gossip over is, why?

As Roy and J.W. open up to Huie, hypocrisy is exposed, myth dispelled…

Filmmaker AttendingBrightwood



Brightwood | Lautaro Gabriel Gonda

Category: Short Film
Country: USA
Language: English
Rating: R
Runtime: 18
Director: Lautaro Gabriel Gonda
Producer: Jacob Leander
Website:  Brightwood
Facebook:  Brightwood

Sparrow, age 10, wakes one morning to find a nest of baby mice in her sock drawer. Attempting to care for them, she takes them with her on her mysterious daily routine. Bicycling through the forest, along the beach and quiet rural roads, collecting various found treasures. Along the way the mice face danger, including a hungry fox and a swirling creek.

Deep in the forest, Sparrow has created a sanctuary in a run-down house, where she keeps her treasures and hides from the rest of the world. She brings the baby mice here, but is unable to care for them.

Sparrow returns home and finds her parents in the kitchen, and the reason for her need to find a family is revealed. She faces a challenge greater than any child should.

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Filmmaker AttendingConsider the Conversation

A documentary on a taboo subject.

Friday: 6:30 pm  – Eclipse Center
Sunday: 2:00 pm  –  The Armory 

Consider the Conversation Awards

Category: Feature
Country: USA
Language: English
Director: Terry Kaldhusdal, Michael Bernhagen
Producer: Burning Hay Wagon Productions
Website: Consider The Conversation
Facebook:  Consider The Conversation

This Years Event

A panel of filmmakers and community leaders concerned with end-of-life issues will participate in this year’s Beloit International Film Festival “BIFF Cares” presentation of the film Consider the Conversation: A Documentary on a Taboo Subject. Presented in cooperation with Beloit Regional Hospice.

Michael Bernhagen & Terry Kaldusdal

Michael Bernhagen & Terry Kaldusdal

Panel Discussion

A panel of individuals with different approaches to patient- centered end-of-life care and cultural change will speak and answer questions following the screenings. Assembled by Sarah Kruse, Director of Community Outreach for Beloit Regional Hospice, the panel will be moderated by the film’s co-creator and Hospice advocate Michael Bernhagen.

Beloit Screening

Joining Michael on the Beloit panel will be his filmmaking partner Terry Kaldhusdal and:

Kathy Vickerman, long-time hospice volunteer, advocate and retired nurse “passionate about the importance of communicating end-of-life wishes, driven by her own critical health experience during pregnancy with her second child”

Gene Van Galder, retired Beloit minister and vice president of Beloit Regional Hospice who has led grief recovery classes and has worked with many hospice clients and families

Ruth Kolpack, a chaplain at Beloit Regional Hospice who previously worked as a pastoral associate for St. Thomas Catholic Church. “In many respects, dying is a very intimate process and so to be welcomed into their lives at this time is an honor.”

Janesville Screening

In Janesville, the panel will again be moderated by the film’s co-creator and Hospice advocate Michael Bernhagen. The panel will include the filmmakers, Kathy Vickerman, and:

Melissa Olson, a social worker for the past 20 years and Beloit Regional Hospice Grief Program coordinator with a passion for end-of-life care

Joyce Hart Smerick, Program Coordinator at the Wisconsin Medical Society for Honoring Choices Wisconsin, which works to improve advance care planning in the state through clinical pilots and community outreach.

Thank you

Proceeds from the showings will be shared with Beloit Regional Hospice which serves Rock, Walworth and Green counties in Wisconsin and Boone and Winnebago in Illinois.

Film Synopsis:

Consider the Conversation is a remarkable, thought-provoking film that looks at many of the issues that we will all face at the end-of-life. It opens the floodgates of thought and conversation on this most difficult and often taboo subject. It helps to illustrate many areas of improvement in our health care system. I would encourage everyone to watch this important film including physicians, healthcare workers, patients and families. This film will help us to be better physicians, better nurses, better patients and better people.
– James Roberts, M.D., Medical Director, Mayo Clinic Health System-Home Health & Hospice


Sponsored by:

Beloit Regional Hospice

Discussion Guide:

Download (PDF, 2.1MB)