House of Thaddeus

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House of Thaddeus

House of ThaddeusCategory: Drama
Country:  U.S.
Language:  English
Rating:  R
Runtime:  107 min.
Director:  Michael Boedicker
Producer:  Michael Boedicker, William Kephart

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Tom and Claire Wilson, new to DeVille, Illinois, buy a beautiful old house for a suspiciously low price from an aging man. But they soon discover their dream home has a dark past. It was the site of a mass murder on Christmas Eve 25 years earlier, and before that it was home to followers of the mysterious ‘Dr.’ Thaddeus, a local cult leader, who, though long dead, somehow still seems present in the ornamental ‘eyes’ that grace the walls of each room. Within days of moving in, an accident leaves Claire stranded at home with little to do but dwell on the house’s disturbing and magical past. Soon word gets out that the house has new owners, and people curious about its past and believing in its special powers ‘haunt’ the house with their requests for tours. Tom, a physics teacher at the local high school, just wants to live in peace and has no tolerance for the throng of believers that come to the door. But Claire, sympathetic to their curiosity and determined to find a way to pay their bills, begins charging for tours. Tom and Claire stand their ground, and as Claire is seduced by the old magic that surrounds them, their marriage begins to crumble.


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