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To find $500,000, they’ll give friendship a do-over


MulliganCategory: Comedy, Adventure
Country:  U.S.
Language:  English
Rating:  R
Runtime:  82 min.
Director:  Will Slocombe
Producer:  Graham Ballou



JOHN HANSON has spent the past 17 years in his mother’s basement, working on an epic comic book no one wants to publish. Out of the blue comes KARL, who betrayed his best friend John years ago by stealing his girlfriend Luna. Karl comes to John with the news that Luna has now left him for his boss, Richard Steward. While seeking revenge on Steward, Karl discovers something astounding: Both John and Steward’s fathers had hatched a plan to buy a golf course for $1 Million; Steward apparently got his half of the down payment with cash he stole from the Teamsters. John’s father died before the deal went through, and Steward disappeared (presumably murdered). The money was never recovered.

The two reluctantly team up and head to Wisconsin, where they cross paths with a suspicious local cop known as OFFICER FRANK, two femme fatale counselors named ALICE and TINKER, and the Teamster boss who’s just been paroled, WALTER ROCK. It seems as though they all have an agenda and might be looking for that stolen cash. Unsure of who to trust – including each other – John and Karl navigate the murky waters of Twin Lakes in the hope of finding the cash. But what they wind up finding is a friendship that could be worth much more.

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