Movietime MEMOries

Sip, Nosh, Chat, Read & Write!

What’s almost as exciting as viewing a great independent film? Enjoying a delicious cup of specially prepared coffee, savoring a freshly baked pastry, and talking with friends and new acquaintances about that great independent film you were just blown away by! That’s what the staff at BIFF decided! And to take that concept a step further in a fun and totally unique way, the staff created Movietime MEMOries.

This year during BIFF you can stop in anytime at Café Fromage, the erstwhile epicenter of the festival, and take advantage of the opportunity to display what you’ve been conversing about, or maybe just thinking about, on the walls and windows of one of Beloit’s best buzz stops. Share your observations, critiques, anecdotes, likes, dislikes, recommendations, etc. and learn how other festival goers are feeling about their BIFF experience via the magic of one of our culture’s most effective, and charming, modes of communication: The Post-It Note!

BIFF Movietime MEMOriesPost-It Notes

Throughout the festival, visitors to Café Fromage will be provided with a variety of Post-It Note memo pads and pens/pencils. They will be encouraged to jot down an inventive description of their BIFF adventure; comments about films they’ve seen, recommendations for film choices, paeans to the city of Beloit, its outstanding citizens and user-friendly establishments, the weather, and their thoughts on the Packers’ victory in Superbowl XLIX!!

They can then post their Post-Its on the walls and windows of Café Fromage so others can enjoy the jewels of jocularity and pearls of profundity that will most certainly emerge from the always erudite and eternally entertaining BIFF festival audiences!!


BIFF Marketing Czarina, Kristin Peterson, will then choose the MOST entertaining and informative of these MEMOries and expose them on all of the BIFF social networking sites. Go to the BIFF website, BIFF Facebook site, or BIFF Twitter (#biffmemo) feed and you could very well see your MEMOry being shared with the entire BIFF nation!

If words are not your thing, draw your thoughts! If math and science turn you on, post something like the algorithm that got Mark Zuckerberg’s groundbreaking website off the ground. Anything goes with Movietime MEMOries! BUT…refrain from the profane! All naughty Post-Its will be taken down immediately…and delivered to the Executive Director, who will REALLY enjoy them!!

Cafe’ Fromage

It’s all happening at Café Fromage, which will, along with the Cheese People of Beloit, house the BIFF box office, as well as a second floor screening venue. It will be one of THE places to be throughout the festival. It’s a cafe inspired by cheese and coffee. Serving a variety of coffee drinks, delicious sandwiches and bakery items made from scratch in their kitchen!

Café Fromage
431 E Grand Ave
Beloit, Wisconsin
(608) 312-2070

Be sure to join in the fun that is Movietime MEMOries! Your participation will not only be entertaining and informative. It could make you a social network sensation!!