Postales / Postcards

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Saturday: 5:00pm – La Casa Grande 

Genre: Drama
Country: Peru, US
Language: Spanish, Quechua, English
Rating:  PG-17
Runtime: 80 minutes
Producers: Claire Connelly, Dan Fischer,P.J. Fishwick,Maxi Holland


In the ancient cobblestone streets of Cuzco, Peru, 12-year-old Pablo sells postcards to tourists in the main plaza while his brother Jano, supports the family through petty street crime. Pablo questions his world when he encounters Mary, who unbeknownst to him is the daughter of an American businessman planning to develop a hotel on the land where his family lives.

When told they will be forced to leave the only home they”ve known, Jano swears vengeance and convinces his younger brother to help him rob the American father.! In the fathers” wallet Pablo discovers a photo of Mary.! Troubled by his actions, Pablo searches the city for Mary to ease his guilt and return the stolen wallet.!

After finding Mary, Pablo convinces her to sneak away with him to explore the Inca ruins.! Mary”s distraught parents return to the hotel after losing her, only to discover Elizabeth in bed with Jano.! Mary”s father quickly recognizes Jano as the thug who robbed him.! After a scuffle, Mary appears in the hotel room with her father”s returned wallet.! As the American family leaves Cuzco and the Peruvian family leaves their home, both are forever changed.