The Extraction

Short Slot 4

Friday: 6:30 pm   –  Hendricks Art Center
Saturday: 4:00 pm – Cheese People/ Nikki’s Café

Filmmaker AttendingExtraction



The Extraction

Category: Short Film
Country: USA
Language: English
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 11
Director: Stephen Pickering
Producer: Stephen Pickering

After successfully completing their mission, two soldiers suddenly find themselves trapped behind enemy lines when their chopper is shot down. Having been given their new extraction point, their sole mission is to stay alive. They must now depend on their training, survival skills and faith in one another as they dodge enemy fire trying to get home. This film was written and filmed by middle school and high school students from the Drywater Productions School of Film.


"The Things My Father Never Taught Me"Category: Short Film
Country: Australia
Language: English
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 7
Director: Burleigh Smith
Producer: Burleigh Smith

Melvin gives useless dating advice to his three-year-old son. He teaches him to dress well, act with confidence and spend time in the right places. Everything goes horribly wrong, until Melvin meets Mary, an attractive single mother. After a clumsy romantic advance, Melvin is shot down and forced to reconsider his role as romance expert.


Ella | Juan Montes de OcaCategory: Short Film
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish w/ English Subtitles
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 19
Director: Juan Montes de Oca
Producer: Juan Montes de Oca

LIFTED tells an ethereal story of a fleeting kinship formed between two lonely children. Sara (Beatrice Miller) makes a fascinating discovery when a boy (Brandon Buescher) endowed with the power of flight crashes behind her home.

From Zachary Goldberg, this empathetic fantasy is grounded in the emotional journey of its characters.. the boy who fell from the sky and the girl who found him. LIFTED was completed as a thesis film for NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Film & Television Department.


Angst | Naga KataruCategory: Short Film
Country: USA
Language: English
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 3
Director: Naga Kataru
Producer: Naga Kataru

Teenage pregnancy is becoming an important social issue in our culture. Further, teen pregnancies can be a direct result of contributing social problems: poor education, a history of reckless behavior, dysfunctional families, to mention a few.

The intent of this movie is depict the angst a teenager has to go thru in the process of taking a pregnancy test.

Workers leaving the factory

Workers Leaving the Factory | Anna LinkeCategory: Short Film
Country: Germany
Language: German w/ English Subtitles
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 10
Director: Anna Linke
Producer: Anna Linke

In remembrance of the Lumiere Brothers: Karin works in a metal factory where she spends day after day, performing the same monotonous tasks. When a new worker begins his job in the factory, it seems to be the end of this drab life. He not only likes Karin but also the strange metal figurines she secretly builds before her workday starts.

Filmmaker AttendingMissed Connections



Missed Connections | Susan Kerns

Category: Short Film
Country: USA
Language: English
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 13
Director: Susan Kerns
Producer: Susan Kerns

Missed connections become connections made in this romantic comedy based on personal ads. Featuring Busby Berkeley-inspired dancers and a fanciful score from the tomorrows of yesterday, ‘Missed Connections’ transports viewers to a space where dreams of love come alive!

In the spaceship-shaped 1960s-era supper club ‘The Gobbler,’ outdoor superstore employee Sandals musters the nerve to ask lovely long-time customer Farmer to dance. Golden Fox reunites with Plant Manager, and this time, it’s animal. Appletini, the irrepressible and oft inebriated red-head, captures the hearts and desires of not one, but two police officers. And a car accident turns into a love connection for opposites Car Crash and Hottie on a Bike.

Filmmaker AttendingVampire Formerly Known as Dracula



Vampire Formerly Known as Dracula

Category: Short Film
Country: USA
Language: English
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 15
Director: Nate Schardin
Producer: Nate Schardin

A campy journey with Dracula as he attempts to assimilate into a modern society.