Short Slot 4

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  • Morya
  • Two Friendly Ghosts
  • The Ascension
  • Tempest
  • Lady and the Champ
  • In the Morning
  • Mothmen of Milwaukee
  • My Prison Called Life
  • Interview





Genre: Drama
Country: India, USA
Rated: G
Runtime: 19 minutes
Director: Vihang Walve
Producer: Vihang Walve,  Bhakti Walve

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A 10 year-old Mumbai boy has tremendous faith in the elephant-headed god Ganesha. But his belief that the god fulfills his every wish takes an adverse turn.

Two Friendly GhostTwo Friendly Ghosts


Genre: Drama
Country: Germany USA
Rated: G
Runtime: 11 minutes
Director: Parker  Ellerman
Producer: Birke Birkner, Vincent Joliet, Thorne Mutert, Denni


James Dean and Donald Turnupseed, the man whose car killed Dean, meet again for the first time … at the very same intersection where the accident occurred.

The AscensionThe Ascension



Genre: Drama
Country: China
Rated: PG
Runtime: 3 minutes
Director: Gershon Sng
Producer: Gershon Sng

A beggar finds a box with special powers and shares it with his friends.  Soon the friends are plotting to steal the box, and what follows is unexpected.



Country: Brazil
Rated: PG
Runtime:10 minutes

Lost at sea, a grizzly Captain must weather the storm of the century to sail his way home.


Lady and the ChampLady and the Champ



Country: USA
Rated: G
Runtime: 3 minutes
Director: Evan Burris Trout
Producer: Evan Burris Trout


Strangers meet and a bond is immediately discovered


In the MorningIn the Morning



Country: USA
Rated: PG-13
Runtime: 10 minutes
Director: Geoff Crittenden
Producer: Geoff Crittenden


A troubled young couple has a fight shortly after waking up.

Mothmen of MilwaukeeMothmen of Milwaukee



Genre: Comedy
Country: USA
Rated: PG-13
Runtime: 6 minutes
Director: Kristin Peterson
Co-Producer and Students: Tate Bunker, instructor, Mitchell Blue, Joe Calamia, Kelly Danen, Derek Dehart, ,B.J. Fisher, Bennett Litton, Jonathan Long, Moe McPhearson, Kristin Peterson, Logan Peterson, Tony Porter, Noah Witt

Circling the lights at night, Milwaukee youth follow their leader in a new religious movement. Dressed in winged robed they explore ideas of community, joy, and purity through light.

My Prison Called LifeMy Prison Called Life



Genre: Family Drama
Country: Canada
Rated: PG
Runtime: 10 minutes
Director: Stephen Pickering
Producer: Jeff Doiron


Charles Surdell spends his last day in prison, awaiting his execution for the murder of his wife 18 years ago.  Having never received forgiveness from his son, he gives up hope that it’ll ever happen.




Genre: Musical, Animation
Country: South Korea
Rated: PG
Runtime: 5 minutes
Director: Hyun-Won Kim
Producer: Hyun-Won Kim

The artist can’t focus on drawing as usual. He manages to calm himself down by venting his spleen on oil paints which are delivered today. Increasingly, he sees his appearance drawing and that bothers him. The more an appointment is getting closer, the more his nerves are on edge. What would he really want to draw ?